E-Cigarettes can be used to hack computers by hacker- The most innovative way to hack easily….



E-Cigarettes are being used in Hacking Computers:            Image Credit: Techworm.net


Hacking is the way to get control of technologies either legally or illegally. According to experts, hackers are now becoming smarter with their innovative ideas to hack victim’s computer more easily. Besides of Key-logger, Virus, Trojan, D-Dos, Ransomware, Phishing, ClickJacking attacks, now hackers are developing E-cigarettes into hacking tools with their innovative ideas!!

Security researcher Ross Bevington showcased a presentation at  London that revealed how an e-cigarette could be used to attack a computer either by interfering with its network traffic or by deceiving the computer to make it believe that it was a keyboard. This makes a computer being hacked easily by an e-cigarette. Let’s see how can be an e-cigarette transformed into an innovative hacking tool…..

What is E-cigarette? 

The E-cigarette is actually standing for Electronic Cigarette or Electronic Vaporizer which are a battery-powered device, designed to look and feel like real cigarettes, and it contains nicotine, flavoring with other chemicals. There is a heating device inside it which will heat the liquid in the cartridges and will convert it into the vapor which will be inhaled by the taker.

How are E-cigarettes converted into computer hacking tool?

Many e-cigarettes can be charged over USB, either with a special cable or by plugging the cigarette itself directly into a USB port on a computer, security researchers warn that your computer could actually be compromised by the simple act of charging a vape pen with just a few simple tweaks to the vaporizer.

To demonstrate the attack, Mr. Bevington’s method needed the victim’s machine to be unlocked, which was however not the requirement for all attacks.

Another hacker and security expert, named FourOctets on Twitter, published a proof of concept video demonstrating his work, wherein he plugs an e-cigarette into a computer’s USB port. The computer lights up as it normally does when an e-cigarette starts charging. However, after a few seconds, a message pops up on the computer screen.

The message, which appeared on the screen, read ‘DO U EVEN VAPE BRO!!!!’. The vaping device was able to issue a command to the computer after a little bit of tweaking.

Fouroctets said that he had tweaked the vape pen by simply adding a hardware chip, which allowed the device to communicate with the laptop as if it were a keyboard or mouse. Also, a pre-written script that was saved on the vape made Windows open up the Notepad application to display the message. With just less than 20 lines of code,Fouroctets showed Sky News how the computer could be made to download an arbitrary and potentially unsafe file and run it.

In this way, an e-cigarette can be converted into a smart hacking tool. But it has small memory space to save the codes or pre-written scripts. That’s why it can store a small size of information or codes to proceed. Like WannaCry malware(s) is made with the memory space of 4-5 MB that can hack a computer instantly whereas an e-cigarette can be used for a small hack.

To keep safe & secure your computer from this unique hacking tool, ensure that you have set a very strong password that will keep your computer locked in your absence so that hacker cannot be able to steal your personal information. Install antivirus and keep updating the security patches to make your device secure.

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