What’s the Difference between a Web-Designer & a Web-Developer-Let’s clear the confusion!!..

In the field of Web-Technology, there is a common confusion still existing in between the difference of a Web-Designer & a Web-Developer. Some people who have a little bit interests in Web-technologies, may think that both the terms or professions are belonging to the same kind, but the fact is they are not the same. Web-Technologies are being upgraded by its source code, tools etc. Even, the field of Web-Technologies are increasing highly that there are now many sections & parts to describe it.To build a website, firstly there are two mostly main parts that make the site perfect for visitors

1.Web-Designing                                  2.Web-Developing

Now the people who think that a web designer and web developer are the same one , get confused about it. There is a huge difference between them. Let’s discuss about it briefly..

1. What is Web-Designing?? or Who is Web-Designer??

Ans. A Web-Designer is the person who design the Web contents to make it attractive, standard, delightful i.e. web-designing means the designations of a website, included with the graphical representations, visual forms and the out form or the structure of it. Website designing is the first priority to create a website. So, a web-designer creates the site-outform, the basic-structures, the graphical views or the visual looks, the basic presentations of contents which make the viewers be interested to visit the site.

This Web designing can be done primarily with the help of simple HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) Coding touch for its layout design or now a days the most useful & easiest way to design a website is basically done by the help of various types of designing programs, softwares, apps or tools etc. Some of these top-level designing softwares are Adobe PhotoshopAdobe DreamWaver, Adobe Muse, Corel Draw, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Picture Management tool, NetObject Fusion, Google Web Designer software etc. These softwares are very useful to create the graphical view as well as to make the logo design or other editing for images, backgrounds, frames, layouts of all web pages and to make the site more colourful and attractive to present. So these softwares make the web-designing very easy to handle. Besides of  these softwares, there are also so many types of editing tools and apps available in app stores that will help to make the sites a little more attractive. So now a days a designer does not need to have knowledge of programming, rather just need to have proper skills with innovative ideas for creations.

Now a web designer use these apps to make a website by building its physical structures, layouts of all webpages with its out forms, graphical views or visual presentations, background designs, contents setting up and its adjustments in the page sides, making site’s logo & adding other necessary items or elements in accordance to the customer’s choice. Web designers do their works with their sharp creative minds and it is an art in digital way to build a website design through internet. There is no any logical or methodical way in it as well as it is a fun to have an art with the special features of these apps. But to make a design, a web designer needs to have a proper designing plan in accordance to the customer’s choice or plan & then have to create its outcome presentations.

Now it has to be mentioned that those designer software(s) may be very useful to design but also it is necessary to have proper skills & ideas to use those apps. This is the condition, which will make the Web Designing a reason to hard work for the aspirant web-designers. So the aspirants, who have their creative mind for designations, can apply their talents of art through this digital way by web designing under Web-Technologies. So Web designing is the first & most important step to creat a website first. This is  a Digital Way of designation..


2. What is Web-Developing?? or Who is Web-Developer??

Ans: After knowing about Web-Designing, it will be more easier to knowing about Web-Developing. A Web-Developer is the person who makes the website contains interactive by programming. Web Designing is the first step to build up the graphical layouts of a website and now the second step is to make those layouts interactive, powerful to run with more active features through programming in the site. This second step is proceed by the web developer. A web developer does not need any creative mind like web designers, rather they need to have a huge knowledge of various types of programming languages to develop the website with more active features in methodical or logical ways. A Web developer is also considered as a web programmer as he works in logical ways of programming and makes the site interactive, automated for the visitors.

The Web developing can be proceed primarily by adding CSS(Cascade StyleSheet) to HTML, simple HTML can be used to create a layout for web designing but adding CSS is the first way to develop the website internally. CSS contains Font sizes, Font colors, Font Faces, background colors, buttons, text fields, images, tables, making documentation etc. After adding CSS, the next level is to set the programming language in it. There are so many programming languages are used in web developing like JavaScript, PHP, SQL/oracle, Python, Ruby, Cobol etc. Among these programming languages, JavaScript is the most suitable & most easiest language to run in the HTML file as it is easy to coding as well as it has the most simplest ability to be executed quickly and properly. More over JavaScript is the first-considered language to be used in developing & very responsive. Specially Java Applets are the main attractions of a webpage made by Javascript. On the other hand, PHP is a server-side programming language and SQL/PL/Oracle is database management programming languages and both are comparatively harder than JS. These languages are used in case of higher level web-developing for big software projects. PHP is used mostly as server-side programming language  for big software projects and it makes a web page more initiative with amazing varieties and features in it but now-a-days Python is became more powerful language to execute. Python makes a site more interactive with innovative special features similar to like an artificial intelligence working behind the site as well as it also makes a site graphically interactive that attracts the eyes of visitors. Also to make special effects, Python is used now in most cases after adding a higher class web design in the web-pages. All of those languages are going through logical ways & also in numerical ways to access. According to the designation of the web page, a developer thinks logically that how to make it responsive. Server-Side oriented programming languages like PHP makes the connection between the owner’s server and the client’s server. In this way there are so many server-connections are held by the one website between the owner’s server (Such as Login pages or Sign in pages) and the client’s server by these languages. Many of sites these days are made by this powerful languages to make website innovative with extra-ordinary features. Such as social media sites like Facebook, Instagram are made of it.

Now, the aspirant web developers have to increase their programming skills more sharper & innovative to apply these languages with their own logical ways in the professional fields. Sometimes the codes, written by a developer, often run to failure to be executed but have to try till the end of having success. Its harder & more complicating than web designing. The written codes became larger due to adding a lots of functions in it. There is no any apps to develop a site or to run programming languages in the site files. The code has to be written by the programmer himself only.

The interesting difference between web designing & developing is that web designing is the visible part of a site whereas the developing is the invisible part as the codes are executed behind, the codes are only visible in the program files (like HTML Files, ASP.NET Files, JS Files etc). Developing is the internal facility of a site as well as Designation is the out form of a site. Developing depends on the designations always. It is always tough enough to write those larger codes in the program file but after executing those codes successfully with perfections, it makes the webpages more responsive.


So this is the difference between a Web-Designer & a Web-Developer.

Now a days, you can find many website maker sites like this WordPress itself or others like Google Blogspot, Weebly or recent the Wix and many more, which help the common people to make their own site easily and also in the fastest way without knowing programming, just need to have their own ideas & designing plan. It saves the time and helps to make your suitable sites easily but to make your own site by your own ideas and choices, you have to must know both web designing and web developing. You can then build your own site as you want to create.

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