The Difference between Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web- The Most interesting topic on World-Wide-Web!!..


People already heard about these three terms in the online mediums through World-Wide-Web. World-Wide-Web is made of HTML & HTTP protocols where each & every information is available to be searched by the traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing etc. World-Wide-Web is indexed with all types of accessible information searched by people for their daily needs. This searching is considered to be legal as it is searched by the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Safari, Opera etc which are legal also to use. Common people only get their searchable needs which are indexed by those Search Engines from WWW. But there are also more than a large area out of  the general or surface space of WWW which can be searched, only by using some special browsers & engines as it is hidden or not indexed by those traditional search engines.

The web world is divided into three parts :- Surface Web, Deep Web and Dark Web. You will find in many articles that deep web and dark web are considered to be one as these terms are interchangeable to describe but the fact is they are not same. They are totally different or you can say that the Web World is actually divided into two parts i.e. Surface Web and Deep Web, where the Dark Web is actually the subset of Deep Web or it can be said that the Dark Web is the intentionally hidden part of the Deep Web. In more details, Dark Web is the most Deepest, High rated, Most hidden, Anonymous, Darkest area which differs a little from the actual Deep Web. We can access the Surface Web easily & we always do that for our daily needs. The another two webs can also be accessed but only in alternative ways. It is said that what you are searching in WWW will show you only 4% out of its total information or total results & other 96% will exist in the Deep Web and Dark Web in combined form. Among this 96%, 90% stays in Deep Web & rest is under Dark Web which is hidden & can’t be accessed in simple ways. Now we are going to discuss about this 4%, 90% and 6% of WWW individually. The Ideal Way to understand the difference of Surface, Deep and Dark Web is to consider it to be like an ocean. See the picture given below :

Surface Web Deep web Dark Web-iamrajdeep
The Difference between Surface Web, Deep Web & Dark Web.

Surface Web:

Surface Web is the mostly used common accessable part of World Wide Web. All types of information and modules with their details are indexed here and can be searched by the traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and can also be accessed by the most popular traditional browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Opera or Safari etc. Common people use this Surface web always for their daily needs. What you can see or find or can access is existing in this Surface web legally and it is the most common publicly visible part of World-Wide-Web. You can search anything here & the searching results which are indexed by the search engine from WWW will be showed you. As you can see in the above picture that there is a very small part can be visible out of ocean & that is the surface web which is considered as only the 4% of our search. Most legal & official works are done under this web & this is safe surfing in general. It has been part of the world-wide web right since the first browser was invented. This is the part of the web you access when you read an article on a news site, buy something from Amazon or watch any video on YouTube.

Deep Web: 

As you can see the above picture, the Deep Web is the second layer of World Wide Web. Surface Web is the upper layer where we can access everything easily & the lowest part that is Dark Web where we cannot access anything without help of some special browsing elements or software or search engines, so now here the Deep Web exists in between or in the middle part of the Surface Web & Dark Web where we cannot access everything easily but can access some of it. Deep Web is not totally publicly visible part like Surface Web but to browsing here is mainly possible by using of special anonymous browsers or special search engines. Sometimes a very few part of Deep Web is accessable in general way like cracking password of any high-protected profile or cracking any secured database management system in International level. Among the rest 96% of web after surface web, 90% is estimated in deep web which contains Academic Databases, Medical Records, Financial Records, Legal Documents, Some Scientific Reports, Some Government Reports, Subcription-only Information, Some Organization repositories, Social Media Profiles-information, International Records, Researchable documentary etc. So you can see that these are all accessable but need some more special Access Credentials( like Username or Password ) which can be possible either using any anonymous Darknet-accessable software(which can be used for black hat hacking also!!) or by using special featured onion browser( Ex: TOR ). A good example of the data in the Deep Web is the pin you generate to access your bank account or your Gmail inbox. As you can see, both of these are easily accessable but still need special permissions like more powerful browser. Sometimes to go deeper in the web, specially in case of hacking, a hacker sometime can be able to access easily inside the deep web or even in dark web by using some anonymous networking browser like TOR(The Onion Router). On the whole, Deep Web contains the essential information which cannot be accessed in simple way. Those information are the secured personal-data and are protected for mankind.

Dark Web:

The another 6% after surfing the Deep Web, the Dark web rules here!! The most dangerous & illegal area exists here as the illegal activities are done in the Dark Web heavily. Traditional Search Engines are unable to show you the dark web contents because this traditional search engines are not indexed with the dark web search contents. Dark Web is actually classified as the subset of Deep Web, the most hidden & deepest part of it . It is not accessable by the regular used browsers. The technology needed to make the Dark Web a reality was created by US Military Researchers in the 90’s and is still funded by them. The technology was created to allow intelligence agencies to send and receive data anonymously. To surfing the Dark Web, The Onion Router or TOR Browser is used mostly. Tor Browser is used to search or to work under the dark Web. The websites or links which are added with “.onion” suffix are classified under the Dark Web contents and those “.onion” urls are searched by using this TOR browser. Those are “.onion” websites i.e. Dark Web links of Dark Web contents which are searchable by using the “Onion” (anonymous search engine) Search Engine under TOR browser. There are also another browsers you will find to surfing the Dark Web but The Onion Router or TOR is used mostly because it is comparatively easy to use & more powerful secured browser than others. It’s advantage is that you can use TOR anonymously( that means you can hide yourself from locating you ) and so that it is popular also. Other traditional browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are able to trace you about which things you are searching & from where or which location you are from. They will record all details by tracing you with all your searching items & location. But in case of Tor , as its “Onion” layer is made of so many other typical layers,  it will help you to search  your chooses anonymously ie. it will not record your any details or will not trace your location as well as you can do anything independently as your own choice. Now the question about the Dark Web is – What kinds of illegal tasks are done under this web???- The Answer is –  The Dark Web contains various types of illegal activities included with Political Protest, “.Onion ” linked Websites( also for illegal search or activities under .onion links ), Drugs trafficking, Child Pornography, Animals selling illegally even those animals which are not allowed to make pet or which may be harmful for mankind and have been forbidden by Government to own them as pet!!. More over it contains the most dangerous activities like Black Hat Hacking – ATM or Credit Card’s Number selling, High recordable official  Database Passwords selling illegally, illegal weapon selling for terrorism (or for personal even), Any kind of forbidden Report selling of any illegal Scientific Research, Banned Movies selling, unofficial illegal documents or bills selling, Virus & Malware programs selling, Reports of Financial Frauds, illegal Files Sharing, Selling of Leaked Data, False Visa & Passport selling, Popular US Email Accounts, Social Media Accounts with their hacked passwords, Banned Literature selling, Selling of Banned documentary etc. These are the most famous and main illegal activities are found under the Dark Web. Dark Web is actually encrypted highly and so that it is not publicly accessable or the user can use this anonymously. These all are done under many hidden illegal sites with highly dangerous circumstances. All types of Black Hat Hacking are done here anonymously.

Image result for dark web
Dark Web Activities

Is Tor Legal or Illegal ? 

Tor or The Onion Router is not illegal in using, I am not telling you to use it but I am informing you that Tor is not illegal to browse as its free to use & safe to browse as it will keep you hidden from tracing your location but the fact is that, the legal or illegal cases are actually  depend on how you will use it. If you use this browser for normal use or for normal search then it is legal to use but if you are thinking about to browse the illegal search terms or want to give a deep dive into the world of Dark Web for illegal tasks(like hacking or other kind of forbidden tasks) then it will be surely illegal. The advantage of using Tor is that it will hide your location & your all activities as it is not the main DNS rooted of WWW but it is only used to get anonymous connections with the “.onion” urls to browse( “.onion” urls are generally used for dark web surfing but not for normal browsing because normal searches are not classified under”.onion”, they are our regular search items ). But that does not means you are totally safe, if tried, you will also be found to trace. To use Tor for Dark Web surfing, you will need for High level Antivirus to make secure your computer first. Tor is used mostly to get the Dark Web Links(where the illegal businesses are going on) & to experience the illegal world anonymously but also be very careful to do that before. TOR is the easy-to-available gateway to browse the dark web for professionals. Dark Web is the Most Favourite Area for Black Hat Hackers & in that case TOR may be used as the weapon to do all  illegal activities more deeply in dark way(or also in darkest way)!!!!

Tor window

The Ethical Hackers or the White Hat Hackers are also working & keep researching for Dark Web because there is still more curiosity under the Dark Web exists!!

Note: This article is written to inform about the difference between Surface, Deep and Dark Web, it carries such information about TOR to make people know about it more for also in case of cyber security and about the Web-contents in details, but don’t use TOR for any illegal activities. Only User will be responsible for Illegal Activities.

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