Messenger Kids- The Version of Messenger for Kids

Facebook now has released a kid version of Messenger for children which is very friendly to them. Facebook has announced that by this messenger app kids will be able to stay connected with their parents & also with their loved or closed ones, as well as parents, will also have controls on their child in this kids-versioned Messenger app.


The app also looks like a kid type version with full of varieties that it will be very friendly to kids as well as it will also be too entertaining that they will enjoy to use it. At the same time, parents or the other ones with whom they will connect will feel awesomeness to connect with their children by this app. Facebook has made this app colorful like childish seems to be the best messenger version for kids.

Basically, Messenger Kids is a free video calling and messaging app designed for kids to connect with close friends and family from their tablet or smartphone. Kids can only connect with parent-approved contacts, which creates a more controlled environment. Group or one-on-one video calls with loved ones are more fun with interactive masks, reactions, and sound effects.

Parents, and approved adults like grandparents, can video chat and message with their kids through their existing Messenger app. No additional app download is needed for parents. Messenger Kids allows kids to message and video call using Wi-Fi so they don’t need a phone number.

There is nothing any difficult way to download it,,, you can download it from App Store in your kids i-pad or i-phone and the parents will be able to connect with them by their own messenger app…


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