20 Brilliant Tricks to promote your Website in free of cost getting tons of traffics


♦ Introduction

Introduction: Traffic is very necessary for a blog to make it popular and rank it on search engine result page(SERP). For a blog marketer or for any business related product-promoting blog, traffic is the key to have both customers/visitors and SEO. In that case, every ProBlogger must need to gain the huge traffic as quickly as possible to improve their business and their product-launching to gain the remarkable profit. Site traffic is the way to see how many visitors have visited your site or have shared their opinions on your blogs or product. A Record of your site’s Engagements. However, it is not always so easy to reach to your targeted audiences at the very first time, sometimes it seems to take a longer time to have your goals to be successful. There are so many methodical ways to achieve the site traffic at the mountain peak hight to gain more followers as well as your site’s respective SEO. Now Site Traffic can be increased in two ways Either by investment or by Non-investment method. In this article, we shall discuss the non-investment to gain the tons of traffic.

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) refers to the methods used to obtain a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.

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♦Paid SEO/site traffic & Unpaid SEO/Site traffic: The Organic & Inorganic Difference to know:

What is Paid SEO/Site Traffic: As you see the title, you can guess what I am going to talk about that paid SEO or paid Site Traffic means to have the good SEO or Excellent Site Traffic increasing policies by Investment & this can be called Inorganic Policy to boost up your SEO and Site Traffic in another term. That means you have to invest in your site’s development and have to use plugins on which you will invest, in purpose to increase your site traffic in the fastest way. Not only the plugins, Investment can go for any purpose, depends on your site’s needs and to fulfill your customer services. Product launching, Product selling, analytics everything belongs to investment policies to get more customers and viewers concurrently. The advertisement is another policy to gain huge site traffic and this process is known as PPC (Pay Per Click). That means, you will give advertisements of your site’s contents on other sites and whenever the interested visitors will click to see your full details of advertisements, you have to pay for each click on your ads, to that particular site where you have invested for your ads. Sounds complicated?!!!- Well in simple terms to understand, It is the process to give your site-ads on another site and then you have to pay the site for each click on your ads. This is the PPC method and the most popular policy to gain site traffic in the fastest way. But you need to have a good budget to invest for PPC. It needs sometimes a great investment in the competition of Digital Marketing. But the most effective process to increase your site traffic.

What is Unpaid SEO/Site Traffic or Organic SEO/Site Traffic: Again you can understand by the title that unpaid SEO/Site traffic increasing means, you don’t have to invest to increase your site traffic but have to go with other effective ways to gain more followers and site traffic as well. This is called Organic Site Traffic or Organic SEO. Most of the starters and entrepreneurs often go with this policy which is a totally non-investment method to do. There is no need to promote it with investment, no need to invest in Advertisements or for so many plugins. But needs other mediums like Social Media Optimization(SMO), Blogging platforms, Updated Emails Sending & Received Emails Handling, Content Management, Keyword Research, Content Maintenance, Risk Management, Communications, Link Constructing, blogroll, Image Optimization and so on. Non-Investment method can also bring you an effective result to boost up your site’s traffic. Even you can earn a lot of guest posts, publishing on other various popular sites without any payments. Affiliated Marketing also offers to make money online in non-payment method. But to do this all, you have to follow every rules and track to have your organic Traffic. As a starter or even many professionals who have achieved success in their Digital Marketing with their respective sites still follows the organic methods to have the good traffic. Because with right Organic methods, it will surely bring you such a great profit without any investment, and every marketers or webmaster will obviously like to gain the profit in free of cost!!!! This is a Non-Investment policy to gain huge traffic and earn money online.

♦ Freelance Marketing with Organic Traffic of your site: Another way of Affiliated Marketing: A Short Description to know: 

Freelance Marketing with Organic Traffic: What it means actually??!

Freelancing means earning money online. That means through Digital Marketing. Nowadays, Freelancing is not limited only in the field of Digital Marketing but also has been spread out among all young entrepreneurs to start their little-earning procedurals online. Freelancing is the most popular way now to earn through product selling, or content developing, or blog writing, guest posting and so on. Now freelancing has also the way to invest something to launch it for the higher purpose. But for some other cases, if you don’t want to invest at the very first time of your online marketing, but want to earn money from your content. then it is called Freelance Marketing with Organic Traffic of your site. Freelancing work with Organic Traffic means, you will earn money online with your site’s organic traffic. Organic Search on Search Engines, Organic SEO and Site Traffic is also helpful to make money online if you can do that hard work to become engaged with your contents to present it to your respected followers and visitors.  Make all your organic/non-investment plans enough strong to earn a lot. Just remember, you have to make a target to reach your targeted audience through your site.

♦ Get Instant Traffic in Free Of Cost- The Most Popular Organic Ways to Gain  Traffic. Follow the 20 tips below to have your most effective high traffic as a starter…

Promote your site in Free of Cost and get Huge Traffic for your site: It’s easy to do, just follow the steps below: A Case Study on how to increase your Organic Site Traffic in the Fastest Way.

To get instant traffic for your new site, there are several techniques called Site Traffic Management with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) or PPC (Pay Per Click), Advertisements and many more. Site Traffic Management always depends on Content Management skills that means how you are managing your site’s content. Also, you have to aware of your visitors and followers to treat them the best with your content respectfully to make a well impression that they will like to follow your site regularly. Regular visitors and followers make the most of site traffic in general. For a professional, Investment is the best policy to gain a huge traffic as well as high-ranking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO(Social Media Optimization) where PPC(Pay Per Click) is the famous procedure to achieve the goal. But in non-investment procedure, there are also some basic techniques to gain the huge traffic for your site respectfully. Non-investment method is the slow process to achieve the high traffic but one of the best method because it brings both traffic and money in free of cost and that’s why many of professional like it heavily. But in this Social Media gazing days there are many easy ways to make more followers to visit your site. Let’s discuss the techniques to get a high traffic to your site :

Drive your Website Traffic for free of cost        Image credit: Google
  1. Content: Content is the king. On which thing you have created your site is the most essential factor to gain more site traffic. Make your content site more interesting & reliable, so that visitors will be more enthusiastic to visit your site. This is called Trust making. Make your content trustworthy to your visitors so that people will freely visit and can take your contents for their benefits. Your visitor’s benefit is also your profit. So keep going by gaining the trust of your followers. On the other hand, Good Content making and Content Managing is the first step to gain more site traffic. So focus firstly on Content making and on your management skills to present your content in a professional way. Now Content can be varied on some factors like trending and viral. If you are a blogger, then you have to choose the most trending and viral topics to make a huge response among your visitors. For a product seller, they should go for the most trending options to get remarkable responses from visitors.
  2. Use Social Media platforms for promoting which is called Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media marketing can be done be in two ways, which are in investment methods or paid method & another is the unpaid method or non-investment method. For free of Cost, you have to choose all the non-investment processes to make more traffic. Remember, Social Media is now the most powerful platform to increase both SEO and Site traffic with SMO. Post your site’s content several times, even post them repeatedly in an alternative way to gain more followers on same content again & again. Facebook, Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Google +, Reddit, Tumblr- are the best social media platforms to publish your contents. Also, I would like to suggest that you should post your most engaging and popular item on Social Media sites repeatedly to gain more visitors on that one post. Engaging item on a site has many values and has the possibility to get high response day by day. Join several Facebook Groups which are related to your content and post there your site-link and its content at several types, so that more people can see your site at a time. Invite your friends on different Social Media platforms to follow your social media pages and in this way, they will be also able to visit your site. On the other hand, you can Join LinkedIn where you can connect with more people where you can offer everyone to visit your contents as well as you can write blogs on your contents for better publicity. Even you can connect more professional Digital Marketing Experts to your profile to make a social community and discussion on your content to get the organic traffic in professional ways. Also, I would like to suggest you to create some events for your site at several times which will make more interests among your visitors. Visitors like interesting events. So you can try this on your site.
  3. Make a good communication with your visitors. Communication can be held on your own site or even on several social media sites. A good communication always makes a good impression on your visitors and you can offer them to visit your site for a new post daily. Also, you can make interaction with another professional as your partner with whom you can make more SEO for your site. Communication is the way to connect more people with your site. Find those people who desire to make their entrepreneurship or want to buy something, this can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook more easily than other Social Media sites. Offer them your site’s product to sell or give them tips on your blog, if they need any help to grow their business like yours. Like I have joined on Quora recently and it makes easy for me to promote my blogs by giving the answers to several queries on Quora Platform. People get interested to visit my blog as per my suggestion to their questions, and this makes both my traffic increasing and they get their solutions in more details. Also, Social Media is only the Freemium way to connect with Digital Professionals for your own benefits. So, Communications can be held on different platforms in different forms. Just you have to be careful with your visitors choice and their queries. Keep connecting with your followers because making good impressions is the key to invite more visitors automatically.
  4. Email handling: Send a regular email to your email subscribers to visit your site. Give regular posts and then send the link to your every mail subscribers and also mention about your next coming content. Give a good description which should be much interesting to read. Interesting descriptions always attract more people at a time. Sometimes send an advance email to let them know about your coming post, in that case, give a title which can make a thoughtful interest among your followers. Also, give replies to your mail subscribers let them know that you are active for them always.
  5. Use several links into your one content-display-forum. This is called link constructing. Give a link to your previous content which is related to your current content. So people can visit both of your contents at the same time. So in this way give more than 2/3 links to your another content in your present content. Link Constructing two types where one is Linear Link constructing and another is Non-Linear Link Constructing. Also, I would like to suggest you to apply the backlinks on your product or blog. Backlinks can be the links of your source content or to related site’s content which makes a better ranking SEO for a site to increase the traffic. Backlink always gives a good result on SERP beside of growing traffic of your site.
  6. Be Updated every time. Keep updating your contents and then repost them on different social media sites and also send emails to your mail subscribers. Don’t send same types of email always. Send different types of emails in different forms several times. Update with  new and right trending Information on your site so it will ensure your visitors that they will be able to get the most current product and information on your site
  7. You can use Google Analytics. There are maybe some free offers available on Google Analytics for starters. As per my knowledge, you can use Google Analytics until you have 5 million user-traffics for your site, if the given traffic viewing limit is crossed then you have to pay. Make sure about the process by visiting Google Analytics marketing site.
  8. Use relevant keywords for your contents to find out easily your site with it’s content several on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. This will boost up both of your site traffic & SEO in a faster process. This is called Keyword research. i.e. you have to research on those keywords or terms which are related to your content and even more popular to find on search engines. Use those keywords in your content’s title. Don’t make a too long title. Make a short but most interesting title for your content which must attract a lot of visitors. The keyword is a process to make your content easily available on search engines. The Searchers who search several things on search engines, use the most popular keywords to find out their words easily. Keep researching on those keywords which are related to your content and people use the most to search.
  9. Use attractive images & make your site’s layout also beautiful to make visitors interested to visit your site pages. Images are another way to increase your SEO as well. Image optimization also makes the good SEO ranking on search engines. But remember to use those images which take less time to display on your site.
  10. Give a good description with the relevant keyword for your every content which are most famous on the Internet. A good description always makes a good impression. Also, give Source links from where you collecting something from another site.
  11. Focus on SEO hardly. Make the research on how search engines index your contents in which rank on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). This is very important because your another target is to give your site a strong and standard base to get more traffic easily. Research means, observe every time that on which rank your site is placed on SERP. Make your content more SEO Friendly to get more traffic to your site.
  12. Follow other Professionals and make a research on them. Observe how they promote their content or blogs in an organic way and how they gain followers on social media sites by organic tips. Make a list of them. Take the Idea as inspiration and make your own technique to increase your visitors and followers of your site. This is called Growth Hacker Research for Digital Marketing in Organic Ways.
  13. Social Media Optimization is also necessary for your content. Because sometimes. SMO makes easy to boost up your SEO. So increase your SMO by reposting your content, republishing your items on site. So that if you have to any recent item to show, your previous items will become your engaging post to grow your followers both on Social Media profiles and on your site. So observe the growing or downfall of your SMO.
  14. YouTube Video Uploading: YouTube is another medium to promote your product in Video Format. Bloggers are using this audio-visual platform ad Vlogger(Video logger). Now you can create a video on your blog content or on your business product and then upload it to Youtube and wait to count your viewers and subscribers. Also, promote the video on other Social Media platforms like on your Facebook page, your own Facebook timeline, Invite your friends to subscribe your channel if they like your video. Promote your all videos in an organic way by posting every video alternately on your different social media pages. Youtube has a good way of earning if you have sufficient viewers on your every video, you will get more subscribers if you upload a regular video in a week. Also, mention your site link below your video to let people visit your site to know about your contents for more details. A video promoting on Social Media sites will bring you enough traffic.
  15. Write Blogs on your product: If you are ProBlogger, then this tip is not for you as you have already owned so many blogs for your Digital Organic Marketing, but for those who deal with several products with their customers at online services. Blogging is the great medium now to share your thoughts, tell people about your product. Blogging is the first and best way to let people know about your content’s benefits, its performance, its good features and so on. Write about every detail in a short form to inform your visitors about your content. A content can be everything to publish, not only a blog or any business product. So publish your blog with a blog link to show people your content more briefly to understand and to follow them easily. Blogs will make you earn more besides of your content.
  16. Guest Post: Guest Post can be a sample product launching on another site or a blog on another site. In general case, Blogs are considered to be published as Guest Post on another popular site to earn both huge traffic and money. A non-investment/organic way to earn because you will be paid for writing a guest post( maybe a blog) on another popular site and you can connect your site with your guest post to let people also visit your site. Guest post enables huge amount money if you write for other sites. Build Link Constructor to your site through your every guest posts. But also follow the conditions applied by the administrators of the site where you write your guest blog or guest post. Post your Guest blogs or posts on several social media sites repeatedly to get more traffic to your guest blogs and also to your own site using backlinks. This enables two ways concurrently to earn a huge amount of traffic in your site.
  17. Improve your presentation skill by your site’s visual layout and improve your writing capabilities to make people more interested to view your site at least once and they cannot ignore to follow. Presentation makes also a good impression of communication to attract more visitors at a time.
  18. Add a Navigation Bar: Add a navigation bar to your site to let people easily find out their every need by visiting your site’s every page. Give a little description to your every page to make it easy to understand about the specialties of your every site pages and what it describes. Navigation bar makes a site more easy to view the site from each side. Each of your every page will make a high traffic to your site. So add at least 5 pages with a good navigation bar to let people visit your site with more interest and it will make them busy with your influential contents on site.
  19. Post FeedBacks and Reviews on Social Media sites: Post the best feedbacks and reviews of your site on every social media platform in a week to let people know that you are dealing with right contents with good customer reviews. For a blogger, a good feedback is necessary to show that you have written such a valuable content for your visitors and followers. So, I would like to suggest you to post your feedback and reviews on social media sites. It will make a trust among your visitor and followers to visit your site to surf your contents or blogs as well.
  20. Lastly, I would like to say to observe your Website traffic optimization daily. Website Traffic Analysing and Optimizing is very necessary for your site traffic. Take a look at your site traffic each day to optimize whether the number of visitors is increasing or decreasing, the number of visitors always greater than the followers in general cases. So count your visitors per day and make your target to increase it in every week. The traffic analyzing is very much important because it will help you to understand about your engagement with your visitors, and how much engagements you have to increase to have a good traffic.

These tips may help you to your goals.

♦ Conclusions: 

Conclusions: So we have discussed the Organic ways of increasing the Site Traffic. There are more other processes in more professional ways to follow and to increase your Traffic as well as SEO. These are the basic tips to follow to increase a huge amount of traffic. Increasing Site Traffic will make your site popular too among a lot of visitors. Organic Traffic is also a part of Affiliated Marketing where marketers can earn money as well as can high-ranking SEO without any payment. Starters like young Online Marketers or Freelancers or like bloggers are now following the path of Organic SEO and Organic Traffic to gain more visitors as well as Followers too. A free process to enter the marketing without investment.

If you like to read this blog, follow us to get more blogs like this. Leave your opinions below. If you know any other way to earn organic traffic, you can mention in our comment boxes.

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