How to improve your writing skill for a good content?

♦ Introduction

Introduction to writing skill for blogging:

Writing skill is the main and most important part of a writer. It is a primary skill which is owned by a blogger himself to present his content in a suitable manner for his visitor. So it should be well by the presentation. Now, writing skill depends on so many important factors on which the content of a blog is standing. As you know that content is the main thing for a blog or in other terms, a blog gets its value only by its content firstly. Therefore content will vary on the information you have given to your blog. That information now depends on your presentation skill. Presentation skill depends not only on the visual look of your site or not only on the images you have posted on your blog but mostly the writing skill you have applied on your blog. This writing skill gives the value both to the blogger and his blog. Writing skill with efficient information with the correct blog title and with other manuals makes a blog attractive for his readers. Now Let’s something more interesting things about writing skill.

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  Be Passionate about your Writings- The Best Way to Improve Writing
♦ What are the basic factors on which your writing skills are depending?

The Factors on which your writing skill’s value is depended & Format for Good Writing Skill to achieve more traffic:

Writing skill has so many factors to be depended, varies especially on the site’s visual presentation, blog niche and on lots of other factors, depending on the Blogger’s own choice. Also depends on the Blog Format, you have applied for your blogs Blog Format, nowadays there are several types of Formats existing to explain. But here we are going to discuss those essential factors which are the basic thing, you need to learn before writing a blog:

  1. Blog title: First of all, you need to define a good blog title where people will get interested to read your blogs and even your blog title should indicate about your blog content in a manner where people will get engaged to read your blog at the very first look on your blog title. So Blog title matters a lot for a blog. Blog title also needs good writing skill. Here you have to write few keywords but have to make it interested, attractive or sometimes very suspicious, so think about your blog title in a unique way to have good visitor’s interests.
  2. Grammar & Vocabulary: A Blogger should have a good knowledge of Grammar of that particular language on which they write their blogs. Grammar is the science also to construct your word skills in a correct manner and on the other hand, Vocabulary is also important to represent good words in your blog. So that, people will not only love to read your blog’s information but will learn something new grammatical techniques and new word skills (Especially Educational Blog for Students & other Internet Learner/Newbie Bloggers) as well as they will be impressed and will enjoy reading your writings.
  3. Introductive part and Informational Part: Introductive part and Informational part- both are actually different part of the same niche. Here, if I want, I could describe these two parts in separate steps, but that will not give any extra value to define them. Rather, it will easier to understand about these two factors in the same point. Introductive part means where you have given your blog’s an introductive description, such like- on what topic your write or why you have chosen it to write, what could be its purpose and so on. Like I have also an Introductive part on my blog, so you can understand easily about my topic at the very first chance. You can also add any other perspectives to explain as per your suitable choices. But these every point is depended on how you are writing about your information or how you give the best look to your blogs and most importantly on your writing skills.
  4. Images: Every blogger knows images have an extra value to represent your blog as an attractive content to your readers. Even Images are the easier way to define your blog’s every point in an interesting visual format. But don’t use too many images for your blog, because too many uses of images will create some loading problems while your visitor will browse your site. Lots of images will drive your blog to appear slowly in front of your readers. Now images should have to related to your topics. It increases the attraction of your blog besides your good writing skills.
  5. Point to Point Information: The information you are providing on your blog should be the point to point to a description. That means you have to represent your every point in a good serial manner which a reader likes to read and expects from every blogger. So give your information in a point to point mannerism. THat will help a reader easily find out their most necessary point to read. Sometimes, a reader doesn’t like to read the full blog but even interested to read your blog’s information. In that case, your mentioned points will help to find out which point they want to read or which information they want to get. By this process, you will get more traffic.
♦  Essential Basic Tips to improve your Writing Skill

Tips to improve your writing skill:

Writing Skill can be developed in various ways. I am not telling you that it is a very easy process to achieve the skills but you have to keep developing by writing more & more. The more days you will spend on your blogging, the more improvement can be found in your writing. Experiences have great values. So I would like to say to all the newbie bloggers that- After a certain time, spending on your blogging, you will find every possible way to overcome your problems. Writing skill improvement has basic things or points on which you can improve your blogging more fastly.

To make yourself good at writing you have to first concern about the topic which is called content. Let’s discuss some tips:

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  1. Content or Topic of your blog on which you have to achieve a basic skill of Writing: As I have said above, you have to be first concern about your topics. Content is the main thing for a blog or for an article. So choose those topics which you will like to write and can feel free to write and even on which you can analyze everything with your own thoughts, you can give your opinions freely with your ideas. Good Ideas are the First step before Good Writing. Share your learnings, your personal experiences, and other necessary information, related to your blog in a standard format. What you will love to learn, you can write on that topic much freely. So choose your suitable content which will not only your content but also can motivate you for more writing.
  2. Choosing a Good Platform for Writing: Choose a good platform first like a self-hosted site or like choosing a good platform such as WordPress, Blogger or Medium etc. A good platform with the versatile attractive featured theme will make your writings more professional to see. A blog always needs a good platform to publish. Use Widgets in your theme and your writing which will increase the visual effect more professionally.
  3. Share your own thoughts with a powerful analyzing to let know about your concern and your personal thinkings on your topic: Sharing your own thoughts is much important to write. Blogging or writing an article is the way in which not only about to write the information but also to share your own thoughts, you own analyzing. Remember, your well analyzing and your thoughts on your written topic will make a good impression on your visitors. If you can describe all your analyzing points in a detailed format with good writing skill, your readers like to read every possible detail in your one blog. Now think more and more before writing. Point out which analysis is important and where to have mentioned on your blog.
  4. Trending Topics are helpful to get good word skills for writing: Choose most trending or viral information for your topic. Viral things can spread out more fastly. Check out social media sites and search all types of possible viral and trending news on your topic. Write them frequently on several blogs. The one tip I would like to mention that, if you read the most trending or viral article of the current time, you will be more able to gather the most recent information as well as the language skill and word skill on that topic. Different blogs on Individual topics under the same niche have some particular common words related to that niche which you may have to use in other related same niche blogs frequently. In that case, trending topics will give the most related new words and writing skills and you can then write your own blog on that topic more easily. That means the same types of words (common words) are used in the several blogs individually and those common words are belonging to the same types of content or niche.  You have to research on those words which can be professionally called KeyWords. Those are types of words which are mostly used in the same types of the blog topics on different subjects under the same niche. For example:- ‘SEO’, ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Blogging’, ‘Content’, ‘Online’, ‘Site Traffic’ etc – These words are the very common words for those topics which are related to the niche about ‘Blogging’, ‘Digital Marketing’, ‘Article’ and so on. These are called Common Keywords for the same niche where several types of Blogs are written. Note that words, Keep in your Mind. These Words, you will find after having a long study which is related to your own blog niche and written by other professionals or from the trending news from Social Media Sites.   More blogs with more trending or viral news will make you a good writer and also an updated writer. Visitors will visit your blogs only when they will get the most updated information from you. Also, update your blogs regularly if possible. Study and be updated always to provide the current information always. People like to updated News and topics.
  5. Follow the other Professional’s & Mentor’s Writing Skill: Follow your ideas, your mentors like those bloggers or writers from whom you get inspired by their writing and their thoughts. Get tips by observing their writing skills, their blog writing formats. How they give point to point to information in their blogs and all. Notice carefully all there terms which are famous for their writing. But don’t copy their blogs, whatever you will write, write in your own language and words. This is called blog researching for good writing.
  6. More and More Information: Your blogs or writing must be informative. Fill up your blogs with a lot of information in your writing as much as possible. Informative blogs are liked by all types of visitors. Mention all types of possible researching theories in your blogs so interested will love to read your blog.
  7. Be Careful about your Blog Title: Don’t use too long blog title with unnecessary keywords. Use relevant and popular keywords for your blog’s title. Relevant keywords ). Make your blog title in such a way which will make it very interesting to read. People will get interests to see your blog only by your blog title first. Like Love at first sight!!, people will like the title of your blog first to read and if you have an interesting blog title to attract people, then you will get random followers and visitors from your blog’s visiting. So make it interesting enough. Also give interesting sub-headings, so that people will get interested to see your full blog.
  8. Internal Links for Good Writing Skills: Use more than 4/5 blog links on your one blog. Add related blog links in your current blog which will make people more interested to visit your another blog and that will increase your both traffic and SEO.
  9. Use Images to your blog to make it more attractive: Use images in your article. Images make a blog more attractive to see. People will impress to see your blogs with attractive images. Give more than one images in your one blog and that will another reason to get more visitors at a time.
  10. Study on Grammar and Especially the Vocabulary as well as those every kind of words which are related to your blog content Improve your blog writing skill by reading more and more blogs on your topics. Make a good experience by reading a lot on your topic which will help you to improve your skills. Moreover, regular blogging will automatically increase your writing skills. Expand your vocabulary, be master in words and improving your grammar sense will make you a well-developed writer by the basic rule of writing.
  11. Mention the BackLinks and Sources of your information- This will also give an extra credit point to your readers that your contents are reliable to enjoy: Mention all the source links from where you have collected all your information. It is sometimes necessary to ensure people that you have written all the right information on your blog. This is called trust making among your visitors. Also motivate your visitors to your blog topic in a good manner, so that people like your presentation and they will be inspired to read your more blogs.
  12. Communicate with other Blogger and your Readers and that will help you to grow your knowledge: Make a good communication with your visitors. Well, communication will make your blogs more popular. On the other hand, publish your blogs severely in your different social media profiles which will bring you more visitors at a time. Use plugins and SEO tools to promote your blog for more people.
♦  Conclusions:


On the Whole, Good Writing Skill will help you to earn more traffic for your site as well as more Followers/Readers/Visitors to get engaged with your site. For a Digital Marketer who also write blogs, Writing is a very important factor for them. The Impacts of Writing is much effective if you achieve the great skill and this can be achieved when you will start more reading, more writing, more analyzing and other factors like manage your grammatical problems, Vocabulary. Writing Skill makes an impression to your readers. They will get interested only when you can tell your topic through blogging in such a good skill of writing.

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