Learn the Best Link Building Tactics for Good SEO Rank- A Case Study


Introduction to Link Building: An Important part of Blog/Article Writing to know must.

If you are a professional blogger then it is surely known to you that link building is an important part of blogging. One of the smartest process today to earn a huge number traffic and to gain the top rank for SEO on Search Engine Result Page. Today’s every blogger has heard about this Link Building Strategies. Now for those who have recently started writing on this Digital Medium as a Newbie blogger may don’t know about the details of Link Building and the connection with SEO. In that case, they should have to know that →

What is Link Building?

Definition 1: Generally Link Building is a technique by which you can join your one article to another article if those two linked articles have any similarities by its topic. That means if there is any word or any kind of preferences on which you have written an article previously but also are related to your current blog and you want to link those two articles by a particular keywords to let the visitors able to read both of your articles at the same time with just a given link, then the technique is called Link Building. Now Link Building can be done with having minimum number two articles to join them by a keyword. But if you want, you can give more to more links in one article with your other previously written articles relatively. Let’s know about the form of Link Building which is called BackLink: Defined below ↓

Definition 2: In other terms of link buildings, if any blog or article or even your full site is backlinked with another site’s content, then it is also called BackLinking or other types of Link Building. This means, your content will be linked to other sites and visitors will come to your site from the linked site. Now Definition 2 can be also

Link Building has several kinds of processes depends on your different purposes. Linked Building is one of the most powerful techniques for SEO increasing on SERP. That means this technique is very much helpful for all the bloggers who desire to get high rank on Search Engines.

Knowing about Link Building, you have to know about the types of Link Buildings:

As I have mentioned above that link building can be considered as two types which are general link building (where you can connect your two more or blogs by a linked and related keyword) and another is Back Linking (where your site will be connected to other sites by its content). Now Link Building has several primary strategies which have ended up with higher to the higher level of content marketing. Link Building works for Content Marketing with a site to site or by social media posts, Email Marketing, Commenting, Relationship Building etc.

Image result for link building in seo
Link Building – Image Credit: Google

The Importance of Link Building is→ It Predicts the Search Engine Ranking Experiments and more by crawling your every Links of sites and analyzing its traffic. This is a process of Optimization by Search Engines where Link Building is like an equipment to use. It makes easy to optimize your linked contents and then show the rank on its Result Page through the links. 

 The Roles of Link Building in Different Fields:

Roles of Link Building in Different Fields:

Links Building has different applications in the different field of Internet Jobs. It has the effective application of Digital Marketing and on the other hand, it has also some other applications on Paralegal Activities also.  Paralegal means it can work under Dark Net with a viral and illegal link selling by Cyber Attackers or by others Dark Net Sellers.

Role in Digital Marketing: 

  • It helps to optimize your every content by the attached links between your contents or site pages. That helps to find out easily your content if it is worthy or not and even helps analyze your traffic on most used links or on the most viewed links on your site.
  • If you have linked your blogs simultaneously then search engines can be more able to identify your blog links or content links or links to your other site pages easily and that will help you to get rank on SERP at the top.
  • Backlinks are very effective in this case. If you have received backlinks to your site then search engines optimize your site through other backlink user sites which will enhance the possibilities of increasing the worthiness of your content. A very good path by which your content will receive other site’s traffic as well as more link addresses that enables more chances to increase your SEO Rank.
  • Link Building also helps to let your readers more able to find out your one by one blog easily. That enables the features to reach the highest traffic for your every blog simultaneously and on the other hand, link building makes your several blogs more available to your readers which makes a good impression to your readers.
  • Search Engines are very concerned about all the connected links of your site-pages and the links which you have connected between your pages, along with your all content related backlinks. So the number of connection of links and the counted number of the views of each link varies here as Search Engines verify all the links and then give it a place on SERP which is an organic way to earn the next traffics through Searching by the people.  The inorganic or Advertisement policy is another one process to place it on SERP after having a good number of Clicks and traffic on your Advertisements.

Role in Paralegal Activities: 

  1. Those who are working under Dark Web, often use the illegal links which are either viral or something else that can’t be available on the Surface Web i.e. on the Normal Browser but available on the Dark Net Using TOR and is only accessible by Onion. City Search Engines From our Regular Normal Browsers. Those Links are not normal connectors or links like generally we see, but the links of some special kind of Address Locator that lies under either Deep Web or under Dark Web anonymously.
  2. The links may contain several types of illegal items or contents which are forbidden by almost all of the countries in the world and can’t be delivered with any legal permission to another URL. Those are also some BackLinks that works under Dark Web which contain illegally hacked Database  Information of any Country, Child PornoGraphy, Illegal Animal Selling Prices Links, Political Violence Making News-Links, Torrent Movies, Links of Hacked Social Media Account’s ids & Passwords, Bank Account’s Password Links (Credit/Debit Cards) and so on. These all the links often used as backlinks to sell on The Dark Net Black Markets.
  3. Selling of BitCoins and other Cryptocurrencies through linking process happens here. Criminals often work here anonymously.
  4. Dark Web Links are maximum of “.onion” suffix added, these links are works for paralegal activities. Also, other types of Black Marketing Contents and Someone’s Personal Information, as well as Hacked Site links, are sold here anonymously. Those content are checked out by the buyers through backlinks.
  5. There is also Analytical Traffic Optimization held under the Dark Web as per the records of Dark Web Product Seller’s Content Selling Report. The Sites which are only accessible under Dark Web have their own Traffic Analyzing System through onion.com BackLinks by the visits of Dark Web Sellers. The Links are not like the normal Links, we use in general but very active to work. They are the locators of private sectors of Content Selling.
  6. The another most dangerous and powerful link property is Virus-like Malware or Ransomware. The virus is nothing but the Malware Programmed modules which passes through link to link and spread out its harmful effect on our Software System. Dark Web is the core area where these maximum number of viruses are sold and bought under Dark Web Hacking links and mostly the process of passing is held by connecting all the links with one another like a DNA structure.
  7. Other Business purposed Links are also the part of this are. Black Marketing is through several Onion links and sites are very active to do all types of paralegal activities. Here dealers are anonymous often so that whenever a need to buy something illegally which is only available on Surface Web, but have to buy under Dark Web, in that case, Content Link is used to transferring the Content Details to the customer.

So these were the activities done under the Dark Web with Anonymously where Link Building is done and Link Selling is done with Black Marketing Sources. There is also another type of Link Constructing are existing, which are known as Black Hat Link Constructing, Grey Hat Link Constructing and White Hat Link Constructing. Most of the Black Hat Links are used under Dark Web, Grey Hat links are naturally unknown and so popular but are active though. We bloggers mostly use White Hat Link Building, which is healthy and safe Content Worthy. White Hat Links are most powerful for SEO with Appropriate keyword Research.

What is the Contributions of Link Building/Back Links on SEO increasing?

The Contributions of Link Building/BackLinks for SEO:

I have already discussed in details about How to increase your SEO by blogging and therefore I have also mentioned Link Building as one of the SEO tips. and then also mentioned in other blogs severely to introduce it as one of the best tips to achieve the high rank. Now in this blog, I am going to describe all the tactics of Link Building in full details and so that it needs to say the role of Link Building in Search Engine Optimization:

Details about SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of those processes by which you can achieve the high top-rank position for your site on the Search Engine Result Page(SERP)PPC (Pay Per Click) is also another investment policy to earn more traffic randomly by giving and paying for advertisements for your site on the other  top ranking sites or web links but sometimes it gets expensive to handle (It needs to have good budget to invest) where SEO is basically an organic traffic building and increasing technique which also helps to rank your site on the Search Engines Results (Google, Yahoo, Bing) where people can find out your site directly by searching. But for a newbie blogger, it’s a slow and hard-working process for them to earn the high rank at the very first stage, sometimes needs to have essential smart tips to follow. SEO is the method to earn the good traffic basically through Search Engines but you have to first try a lot to make it as the top ranking site on the result pages of Search Engines. If you want to apply some basic level of smart tips to your site to decrease your pressure of gain traffic then go through this blog for more details below 

Details of Link Building for SEO:

Search Engines are made of those algorithms whose  sensitive web-crawlers (An AI system/programming which enables search-tools to search every link and site on Internet by crawling them randomly) go through every site and every link on the Internet and then show it on its result page if and only if it has the worthy content to show and have the popularity among visitors (no. of views, high level of traffic, no. of clicks for each link, no. of backlinks, no. of comments, no. of followers, no of social media activities, no. of good reviews/feedbacks etc). Now here I would like to say about a special feature of Web Crawlers →  Web Crawlers are very active to find out all the links, mentioned in your blogs or in the comment section or in other places where any kind of web links can be found.  Why they do so?→ Because it has the special feature by which it goes through the sources of links on per page and counts the number of its application. If a page or a blog has random backlinks at several times from other sites and also have the high traffic, a good number of views, a good number of visitors along with followers and excellent feedback, then it is considered to be the most worthy content of your site to show it on search engine Result Page. Web Crawlers are also concerned about the other conditions where Engaging visitors, Regularly updated posts, KeyWords are also important. But here Link Building is our main thing to know.

Related image
Google Page Rank Through Link Building-    Image Credit: Google

So this was the Link Building Science, enabled by Search Engines to optimize your content. One thing I would like to mention that your number of backlinks or the other links which are made by you in between of your own site pages along with good traffic and visitors, has the major role to display its content on SERP. Link Building increases a site’s worthiness high to the high level if you have proper skill to apply. A very powerful Example of High SEO ranking article site which has the most powerful link building tactics is Wikipedia

Wikipedia and its every article has many backlinks and other internal links which have been applied randomly to the different keywords. Its every article has lots of links in every line with more than four to ten words. This is the best Example of Link Building because you know that whenever you go to search a result to know about some details for a particular term on a search engine, most of the times it shows the Wikipedia results on the top position of the result page. This is because of its high traffic and the brilliant level of link constructing along with lots of viewers.

 Types of Link Building: 

The types of Link Building:

Link Building has two types depending on its usage.

  1. Internal Link Constructing: Internal Link Constructing means→ You have to establish minimum 4-5 links in a blog, which refers to another blog. That means you have to mention several links through some keywords which are related to your current blog and linked to previous blogs. This is internal constructing because you are making the connections between the pages of your same site. If a link has its address on the same site but on a different page then constructing goes internally and the web crawlers find out the links on the same sites and by this process, the linked pages get more value to show it on SERP. But it also needs to have good views on the linked pages. Like Wikipedia is constructed with internal links. A keyword on a blog which is connected to another blog on the same site, just the path of location is different.
  2. External Link Constructing or BackLinks: Now External Link Building means if you use the links from another site to your own site. In simple words, if you use the links to your blog which refers to other popular sites externally, then it is called External Link Building. In more simple terms, it can be said that you are using backlinking process. In this case, you are applying the backlinks from other sites. Maybe you want to define any terms in your blog which has been not written previously on any other blog of yours but there is another site where it has been defined well and you want to give your visitors the best description to read then you need to use backlinks from other sites. Now a thing has to be mentioned that if you use backlinks from other sites then the linked site will receive the traffic from your site and you will have less profit but surely have the relationship building with that site as the linked site will be notified about your activities of link building. This makes a Good Relationship Building among many sites. It also helps to increase your traffic because of web crawlers which also take those sites which are linked to other popular sites. So if you use backlinks to most of the popular sites, then it will give you an extra value for your content. Now in case of vice-versa, if other site users apply your site links to their site then you are getting the backlinks for your site. That means if your blog receives one or more than one backlinks from other sites, then your blog will receive more traffic from the backlink user site (Depends on the followers and visitors of the Backlinker sites). Search Engines Web Crawlers are concerned about it very well that if your site got a huge number of backlinks and a large number of viewers or traffic then it should be considered as a worthy content full site to show it on SERP.  Backlinks will enable the facilities through the high level of traffic by which your site will get the top ranking on Search Engines. This is the way to get good SEO tank through the backlinks.
Sequential Link Constructing and Non-Sequential Link Constructing

Sequential Link Constructing and Non-Sequential Link Constructing: The Case Studies on Link Building for Blog Rank →

Sequential & Non-Sequential Link Constructing is actually not so popular terms today and even it is actually not so necessary to learn, but as a beginner, if you want to learn the detail facts on it they I can tell something on it. It is a case study of applied Link Building Science.

  • Sequential Link Constructing: Sequential or Liner Link Constructing means where each blog will be linked to each another in a linear form. That means, your every blog will be linked to each another either in the previous order or in the front-to-front order. In simple words, there are two types of states under it, where the first one is mostly used  and that is → you present blog will be linked to your previous one and then the previous blog will be linked to another previous one and another previous one will be linked to more previous one and so on. The front-to-front linking is just Vice-Versa. This is a simultaneous linking process where all the blogs will be connected in a straight line form or like in a serial chain form. This is called Sequential Link Constructing. This is not so much known among bloggers because this is an analyzing result of link constructing.
  • Non-Sequential Link Constructing: Non-Sequential means where the blogs will not be connected in a sequential form rather than you can link your blogs in whatever way you want. You can link a blog to previous one or can link to a very old blog with it and even while updating the old blogs you can add a link there to the new blogs which are published at several times. So this is the process by which you can add links in non-linear or in a non-chain form where your every blog can be linked to each other in whatever way. This is also an analyzing process of link constructing where a blogger can freely add links to his blogs. The Opposite linking of Sequential Link Constructing.

Now, let’s discuss briefly how to apply Link Building Tactics to your site and to your blog respectively:

 Link Building Tactics: Essential Tips to Follow & to get well SEO for your blog

Link Building tactics to achieve the Good SEO ranking for your blog:

It is necessary to have Good SEO to establish your site as one of the Best blog site among others on the Internet. One thing you have to remember that SEO is also depended on the high traffic of your site. If your site has not the proper expected SEO then learn the tricks to increase your site’s traffic here. So its need to have a good traffic first. To go through link building tactics, you need to know some basic tips that will help you to achieve your goals:

  1. Internal Link Constructing and External Link Constructing: As I have discussed above, it needs to apply both the Internal Link Constructing and External link Constructing to get more values for your blog. But yes, getting backlinks for your blogs is not totally depends on you at the very first stage of your blogging. In that case, Content is the main and first thing before link constructing, so what you can do is to make your content more worthy and if you receive good traffic along with new more followers for each blog then surely some of your followers will use your blog as backlinks to their own sites. Besides of these, most of the bloggers (Specially NewBie Bloggers) who browse several sites to find their related content to read, will like to use your blog as backlinks if your content is ideal for it. So First make your content enough worthy and ideal to let it publish as a backlink on other sites, this will surely increase your traffic and even it will increase your content’s value to the more high level where Search Engines will surely count your site as one of the most preferable sites on SERP. Link Building helps to increase the traffic and after having good traffic, your site will automatically stand in the top position on SERP which is called Ranking on Search Engine Result Page. Make your content in such a way where you can add several blog links systematically like Wikipedia (Example)
  2. KeyWord Researching: Key Word is an important factor for a blog. KeyWord enables the features both for SEO ranking and also for easy link building for a blog because of the keywords are the way by which search engines can identify the searching terms, given by the people on the searching bar. Now the question is how does it work?! → Keywords are nothing but some most used popular words, stored in the database of search engines by the web crawlers which can identify the similarities with your given searching terms/words and then it can show the result related to that keyword more easily. Using keywords are the easiest way to search terms which are enlisted by the search engines. Now search those most used keywords on the search engines which are very close and very related to your blog and then use it as/in your blog title and therefore by the same process mention them in your blog’s topic by adding a link on them to your another blog. By this process, if you blog has enough traffic with lots of views, then web crawlers will mark your blog and will enlist to the same category of the related keywords of search engines. Key Word has more functions to use it properly and then having your blog on the top rank on SERP.  Also, interesting Keywords help to attract the visitors to must check our linked blogs. Our Next blog will be published about KeyWord Tactics soon.
  3. Image Linking or Infographics: Image is another way to establish a link to a different blog. Not every blogging platform is capable to give you such chances to apply this process but if you have the full updating and systematical control of your site in your hand, i.e. if you have the domain of your site fully then you can apply this method. This is a feature by which you can add a link to an image and each image will consist of one link only. The method is very easy → You have to just put the images related to your blog and then have to add a link to the image which will indicate the reference to another previous blog, related to your current blog. Probloggers know that images have an extra credit to make a blog more attractive by its visualizing effects. It makes a blog more interesting to see and makes attractive to the readers. Now, you can take a chance of it. Just put the link to another blog to the image. So that the image will work both for your blog attraction and for your link constructing. Also, give a good description along with your given images, so that it will help your readers to understand the actual roles of your images in your blogs. But yes, don’t use too many Large sizes of images which can affect your site loading, use an appropriate size of your images. Image Linking has the advantages to increase your traffic of linked or connected blogs together at the same time. Images are also the part of SEO in the image part of search engines. Whenever people will visit the images part of a searching result and if it is related to your site then it will be shown on the Image Result Page. Thus people will see both your site link along with your site images on the same searching result. And in your site, images will work like a connector between one blog to other blogs.
  4. Updating your blog and recover the Dead Links: A Blogger should need to update his blog regularly or if possible update them once in a week. So that you can add new links to your previous blogs while editing or updating them. This is a great advantage as you can increase the number of links, newly added to the previous blogs and therefore you can more traffic by more viewers after sharing it at the various online platform like on social media sites. In that cases, if you go for updating any old blog, you can add a link of your present blog, so that, when you will share the old blog again to your visitors, people will find more links of your newly published blogs and they read it more easily. In this way, Link Building can turn an old blog into a new one by updating it with some new links. Also, you can change the publishing date of the old blog by changing its publishing date at the present time. The whole process is also called Link Building Management. A helpful way, used by most of the ProBloggers.
  5. Social Media Posting and Social Media Book Marking: Social Medias are now the greatest platforms to publish your blog randomly which will bring you a load of traffic through your social media followers. Several Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Medium, Tumblr, Reddit are the best platform to share your blogs. This kind of Link Building Tactics is called Social Media Link Building by posting your blog on Different Social Media sites. Whenever you are going to post your newly published blog on your social media timelines, you are giving the link to your new blog or new content through which your followers and other visitors will visit your site and will see your content or blog. Moreover, your followers will share your post and the post will be shared from one to another, In this way, your post will get more to more viewers which will bring you both the enhancing traffic and more new followers to your sites along with other new followers on your Social Media accounts. Social Media is the strongest medium also for every Digital Marketer, Bloggers today to publish their blog randomly with their respective links to the site pages. I would like to suggest to every newbie bloggers to post your same blog links alternately and repeatedly after a certain period of time & so that your one blog will receive more viewers at several times. Also, post your blog links on different social platforms by the same process of posting it repeatedly and post your blog with different captions that can attract your visitors frequently. By visiting at least one blog, people will check out more linked blogs through that blog. On the other hand, some of the social media sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Ghost or like  WordPress are the ideal site where you can share your blog link in another blogging format. That means you can write a blog on LinkedIn, Medium where you can also mention your blog links simultaneously and you will get random visits through these platforms which will help you to generate more traffic at a time. This is a popular trick which is now followed by every blogger and content marketers on Social Media sites today. So that, the same content will receive new visitors each time.
  6. Link Building through Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a very common word among all the bloggers. Email Marketing gives the chance of good interaction as well as it gives the chances to enhance your traffic with a high-speed along with offering them about your new content to visit. Now you can apply can this method as an advantage by giving them several links to your blogs in a customer sending mail. A blogger knows that whenever they send an email to their respected email-followers, they often send them a new notification of his newly published blog or sometimes just send them any other important update oriented mail with several other links of blogs. That means you can send a mail like a small invitation or a little description about something of your blog where you can use some special keywords by linking them to your many to many blogs. So that those email subscribers can visit your referenced blog through your given link. This is call Sending Mail with Links. So mailing is another way where you can add a link or can offer them to visit any interesting article on your site through given link. This made easy sometime to get direct traffic of your blogs. The simple process to earn more traffic for high SEO by adding links to mail, sending to your every mail subscribers.
  7. Commenting on others blog: Some bloggers go through this process. Comment on others blogs which are related to your blog and especially comment on those blog site which is enough popular on the Internet today. This comment may be something about to offering to visit your site or something about praise someone’s blog by commenting and then telling about your site’s specialties or about the similarities of the content you have also written in your blog. Whatever you can comment, you can mention your blog on others blog-comment. This not only makes the link building but also makes the relationship building between two or more sites. Every Digital Marketer needs to make this type of Relationship Building where they can increase their traffic by giving their site links to others sites as well as getting the traffic from that site. If the site is popular then its some of the followers will get interested to visit yours.
  8. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is now famous among young bloggers and among most of the pro-bloggers as it brings both money and SEO. Guest posting means, you will write blogs for other sites and they will pay you for it. Now in that guest post, you can give your blog’s links (As it is a guest post so you may have some limits to use your blog links on others sites) severally by which the followers of that guest posting site will be also able to visit your own site simultaneously. Guest Posting gives this chance ( Varies on which site you are going to write a blog) to share your blog links to have more visitors to enhance the height of your site’s traffic rapidly. Guest posting also enables money along with traffic. Use the popularity of the famous sites to enhance every chance of increasing your own site’s traffic. One of the best methods it is.
  9. Communication: Do you have good communication with your followers on your blog or on the social media sites? The Question arises because a good communication is also very necessary for every blogger to share their blogs as well as blog links with their followers. You can add a feedback or review page on your site by which you can keep an interaction with your readers and whenever they will ask any about their difficulties of understanding, you can give them a link of one of your blogs which can make them easy to understand. Or, if you want, you can also offer them to visit another which is related to the present blog, your readers have recently visited. On the other hand, if you are a good communicator, you can start a little and smart conversation with your readers through Social Media chatting, where you can offer them your new blog link to read. By this process, they, if wanted, can visit your site through your given link and can find out more links to follow. So this is a process to spread out your blog links among your visitors through good communication. Also, have to mention that a good communication makes a good impression and so that they will always be interested to visit your site and if your content is ready to impress them and then the given every link on your blog will start its work smartly!
  10. Relationship Building: Relationship Building means if you want you can carry yours with a good partnership with other bloggers. That means an offerable relation building where a blogger will use backlinks to your blog for his own blog and in return, you will also use backlinks to his blog in your own blog. Like a business deal, it is, where every blogger in a partnership will use backlinks to each other’s blogs. This is called relationship building where backlinking is done to each other blogs and both the blogger will get good traffic for his blog along with high SEO ranking on SERP. To do this, it will be better to make this relationship with some other popular sites. Then the generating of traffic for your blog will be easily maintained.
  11. For YouTubers (For Vloggers only): If you a Vlogger (Video Bloggers) beside of being a blogger then you can post or attached your YouTube Video in your blog which will take your visitors to your Videos and the number of views will generate your Video Optimizing traffic. Video Promoting is one of another great way to traffic. It enables you the audio-visual effective content that can attract a visitor more. There are so many Internet Surfers who don’t like or they have not much time to read a long-term article, in such cases, Video Content is ideal for them. It can cover all your topics in an interesting style of presentation and also can be time-consuming. Moreover, if you add your video links to your written blogs as a reference, then it can receive both the traffic for your article and your linked Video at the same time. On the other hand, if you have a good number of Viewers and Subscribers on your YouTube Channel, then it will be easy for you to earn more traffic for your other blogs through the YouTube channel.

So these are some basic tips you need apply for your every blog content to get the Traffic for your site on which your SEO rank will depend mostly.

Wrong  Myths about Link Building

Wrong Myths about Link Building on SEO:

Some Bloggers have to say that nowadays, link building is not worthy of a blog to achieve high SEO. But respecting to their thoughts I would like to say to the beginners that it is not actually true by default. Link Building has its unique value from the other applicable tricks of SEO. I have said before already that Wikipedia is the largest and most powerful ideal example of Link Constructing and everybody knows that Search Engines are how much concerned about showing their results through Wikipedia articles at the top the result pages for almost every time (Only if your searching terms are related to Wikipedia articles). Yes, Link Building is one the oldest method but still most effective even today that every newbie bloggers to ProBlogger are using its application for their benefits. That’s why an experienced Problogger always suggests others to apply link constructing on their blog because it has the positive side to earn traffic but too many uses of link constructing may affect the focus of readers. The number of link building is depended on the size of your article, if it too large to read then you can apply but for small blogs, too many will spoil it. So use it where it needs to be added.  I would like to say my beginner friends to not give your attention to this myths rather trust you can my words practically by using its applications. There is almost each & every site on the Internet are using this Link Constructing Method to earn a lot of traffic to their sites. Bloggers get so many facilities through it. Link Building is the easiest and organic way to apply on your site. So Link Constructing still have the powerful way to help you in earning a huge traffic along with High SEO on SERP. There is no any substitute of Link Constructing as it is a special feature which is enabled by Search Engine’s Web Crawlers. Even Link Building makes a blog or content more strong.


Conclusions: The Final Statement on Link Building Strategies on SEO →

So the links are the connector which enables you to attach your every document, posts, blogs or articles in a systematical way by which people can find out the series of your writings as well as the Internet crawlers or Web Crawlers can easily detect your link addresses by verifying its content and its traffic more easily. A way to let people know them all the contents of your site more quickly. Even the Internet is actually running its all site by the link address, so if you provide address by connecting your contents with each another, Search Engines can enhance your chance to rank on SEO. But be careful about its usage while adding links. Don’t use too many links in the same post, add it properly and correctly with ideal keywords when needed. It also adds a credit to your blog that can impress the bloggers and other enthusiasts by letting them easy to browse your every content.

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