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Blogging is now one of the famous online activities and its involvement in this digital platform is increasing like other social media sites. It is an effective part of digital marketing today, for many of the professionals who want to promote their products online, wants to create an impact through advertising blogs or articles in several digital platforms to earn both popularity and traffic that helps their blogs to grow. Apart from professionals, there are also some non-professionals or hobbyist bloggers like me who also want get more readers for their blog. I am also enthusiastic to promote my blogs for free of cost i.e. organically in several digital platforms which enable me to connect with more people, even not in this WordPress only but with more readers on other platforms. Now, these days, as blogging gets the popularity on the Digital Media like other social media services,  there are some online media where you can publish/republish your blogs or can set up a link to your original site through which you can earn more traffic along with more readers as well. In this blog, I am going to discuss all those free platforms which are used by the many of Pro-Bloggers to bring traffic to their sites respectively.

5 Digital Platforms where you can publish your blogs for free:

5 Online media which will help you earn more traffic to your blog:

There are actually several social media today which are going online rapidly, are serving the platforms where you can publish your existing blogs or can build a link to your blog. This is so easy and even very popular way to gain traffic as it quite tough to give random ads for your productive articles or to launch it on several social media sites. So these featured media are the very and best way to gain traffic and your blogs will be read by more people at a time. Let’s discuss it.

These online media are:

  1. Medium: Medium is an online media to host your blog, like a social media blogging platform for all the bloggers, writers where you can write and publish your blog or can link your blog to your original site. In Medium, there is every blog or article is mostly known as an individual story and the writers are called Storytellers. So tell your story (blog) that you have already published on your own site but wants to get more readers and even have the desire to drive traffic from medium to your real site. So that’s why the medium.com is popular among pro-bloggers. Medium is totally a blog hosting social media journalism for all types of professional On the other hand, you can also promote your blog by upgrading it with a little investment. You will be given a full-size writing pad with many tools and options to write like a professional, or you can link your blog to the original one. You can also follow the other bloggers, can read your favourite topic-oriented blogs.
  2. IndiBlogger: IndiBlogger is an Indian Blogosphere where you have not necessary to write blogs separately from your original blog-site but if you link your IndiBlogger account to your original blog page or blog site then this platform will publish your blog links on your account’s timeline automatically. IndiBlogger is the most active blogging community in India for all types of professional and non-professional blogs. You can join for free here, you can take participation in regular basis/yearly blogging events, or you can find fresh content from Indian blogs on several topics. Many of Indian Bloggers including both of professional & hobbyist bloggers are now joining this IndiBlogger and getting excellent responses from other bloggers who visit their blogs. As this is totally a Blogosphere, you will many bloggers like you, belonging to India, even this becomes one of the largest Blogging Community in India. Like a social media, other bloggers can read your blog through your blog links, can connect with you here, can comment, like your blogs through the links. You have to just connect your blog site to your IndiBlogger Account and so that whenever you will publish your blog on your site, the blog link will be automatically published on your IndiBlogger Profile and your connected people can read your blog by directly visiting your site. On the other hand, there some other special events, hosted by IndiBlogger platform which enables online Award-winning Competition, the blog promoting for free, also you earn money through your blog promoting here. You will enjoy if you join this, also you will get free traffics to your site from IndiBlogger.
    IndiBlogger Profile
  3. A1B.in: A1B.in is an ideal platform to increase your blog traffic directly. This kind of platform is actually made on purpose to bring a huge traffic to your blog. A source to earn more traffic for your site along with earning some specific amount of declared money through some blogging challenges/competitions, conducted by this platform. You have to collect bin points and the weekly or monthly winner will be awarded some money. This is a new hosted blogging based platform, almost like IndiBlogger, where you have to first open an account and then have to connect your blogs individually. But the difference from Indiblogger is, you have to publish your every blog or blog site individually, here your blogs will be not published automatically like IndiBlogger. A1B is really a great traffic source for bloggers from where they can more visits as well as comments etc. You can earn a huge traffic randomly from here.
  4. Reddit: Reddit is now one of the most popular social media platforms where you can post your blog links simultaneously. You will be given two facilities on Reddit- one is about to write a small textual post/blog and another is to link any of your blogs or to give a link i.e. referred to your site and then have to post it on your Reddit Profile. Nowadays many professional bloggers, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Marketers are randomly using Reddit media and getting tons of traffic through their posted links or blogs as the number of Reddit users are increasing day by day. Also, you can republish, share and communicate with your followers. Moreover, Reddit is now one of the growing & progressive vast social media with high increasing ranking in Internet Media Society. It is easy to use as you have to only post your blog link/site link or if you want, you can write a small blog in the provided text box field and then post to your timeline with essential images(Optional). Also, through advertisement, you can get traffic to your blog randomly(PPC). But try to be always updated on Reddit while posting your content on its wall, because it has been noticed that most of the followers on Reddit are like to stay always very updated with the most trending topics and link. Now you can say this is common to every social media platform where people always want to stay updated. Yes, I know!! but the fact- Reddit is still now, not at the level of so much popularity like other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) to entertain you from all sides, most of the users of Reddit submit their posts or reading others posts for any of their specific purpose ( It may be Digital Marketing purpose or any other else). So I would recommend you to use Reddit as it is one of the effective platforms to bring your site more traffic successfully.
  5. Quora: Quora is a Question/Answer based platform where people can get answers to their queries, as well they can also give answers to others. This is the platform which is actually on the theme of Questioning and answering, all are done by the users. Here Users are the Questioner and Answerer both. Anybody can ask whatever they want to know where anybody can give answers. Even Quora is now active on blog publishing as it offers everyone if anyone wants to write an article, they can write by creating a blog URL and can share it on their social media sites respectively. Quora has a featured blog writing pad with essential tools and options that enable every facility to write an article freely. You can import images, videos to your blog. Now here in Quora, you can earn traffic in two ways, either by linking your given answers to your blog or by linking your Quora blog to your original site. You can write your blog fluently here and connect it to your specific blog. Quora has also now the online writing pad which will give the advantages to get traffic to your site by linking your every topic or blog with your real one. So know the tips to bring traffic to your blog from Quora
  6. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a Professional Working-Field oriented social media site and also now very popular among Young Entrepreneurs. LinkedIn is a vast global networking-social media which is based on several professional matters including company advertisements, Ad promotion, Job searching, Hiring for Job, B2B sources, Business oriented and so on. LinkedIn also offers to write blogs in case ad promotions, company details, business-related informational article and even your personal blog too. You can write whatever you want to publish here as an article. Like Quora, LinkedIn also offers to its every user to promote their blog or a product like an advertisement through blogging. You can write like a professional writer with having of every essential writing tools for your favor. It doesn’t always matter if you are not the professional one or if you have not any Pro-Blogging site, rather you can publish your personal blog. The Article Writing feature of LinkedIn becoming popular to every LinkedIn User especially for those love to write can promote their blogs or other types of journals randomly. You can earn traffic from you too. Either you can post your blog as a normal link posting, or you can write a blog on behalf of the originally published blog. You have to mention your site name with necessary blog links which you want to promote through your LinkedIn Blogs. On the other hand, you can write blogs on your blog niche to let others know about your blog site. You can write about your content, its activities, its popularity to attract more people to your blog site. Moreover, LinkedIn has good SEO qualities in its articles, whatever you will write if there is enough number of views or likes along with huge traffic of your blog, it can be shown on Google Searching results, related to your niche. That’s the point at which you can also earn traffic from LinkedIn either by connecting it to your original blog site by writing about your blog/niche/site/blog-activity to let others know about your articles, thoughts among a large number of people.
Advantages of these online media for your blog promoting:

Advantages: There are also some advantages you will get when you will go to promote your blogs on the above-mentioned platforms. Such as:

  1. Traffic: Promoting your blog to other sites enables free traffic to your blog. Also, at the same time, you can connect with more people whom you can lead to your articles. Every chance you will find to increase your traffic by writing articles related to your blog or by linking it to your blog.
  2. SEO: All these platforms have well SEO system which will enable you to stand on the High Rank on SERP. SEO will help you to gain additional traffic and vice-versa. The number of views and clicks on per article through these platforms will make you rank on Search Engines. The more views you will gain, the more traffic will you will achieve and you will see your sites along with these online media on SERP.
  3. More Followers: Through these online platforms, you will surely get more followers and visitors to your blog and can interact them. You can get individual followers on each platform that will bring more site traffic and views to your blog respectively. Also, you can communicate with more people during your every blog visits. On the other hand, it is a great advantage when you will get different followers from different platform to your one blog which will help you to make a milestone to touch the highest peak of Traffic.
  4. Free Promoting: At the end, I can say that these types of platforms are a great source of free promoting of your blog. You can write articles to promote your every blog individually as you can say about your thoughts, your writing. That means your one blog will say about other blogs (Like LinkedIn, Medium). On the other hand, there is some helpful blog promoting sites where your blog will be posted automatically through the links while you will publish them in your original blog-site(IndiBlogger). Otherwise, you have to put the links of your blog and people will be gazing at your site through those mentioned links. This is a strategy to promote your free and it is especially a great advantage for the newbie bloggers or hobbyist blogger like me!!.
  5. Digital Marketing Growth Hacking: In the field of Digital Marketing, growing traffic with having good SEO results is very necessary to improve your blogs or website products. Traffic increasing or in other terms, the progressive growth of the traffic of your blog is important if you want to create an impact on the Digital Marketing oriented blogosphere where you desire to be an ideal blogger through your writings. To get more responses from your followers, you need to apply at least some of the digital marketing strategies like on Social MediaSEO system & more. Communicating with more people through these above mentioned online platforms is very much urgent to reach more people. To get more readers- it is not necessary to have only a number of followers on your blog site. Rather it is necessary today to receive more readers from other platforms to experience the growth hacking of your blog, i.e. the random growth of your traffic. The above mentioned every platform are ideal also for digital marketing as you can promote your blogs or articles (your articles may be a personal blog, product launching blog, advertising journal and so on) totally for free. All these 5 free platforms are suitable to gain popularity of your blogs.

So, these were some basic advantages you will get from those blog promoting sites.



Every Blogger wants to promote their blog on several platforms so that they can achieve more visitors to their blog which will help them to get a good standing position both on the Blogosphere and on Search Engines. Especially for digital marketers, it is very necessary to spread out their productive blogs among more people, so that these types of platforms are very helpful for them to fulfill their needs. I am also a user of these online platforms which enables to gain traffic from more to more people. You can interact with them and even you can learn from others about Blog promoting strategies. Since I have joined those platforms, my blogs get more views in a month. I am really enjoying it while more people out of my site, can read my blogs.

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