How can you increase your site traffic without even blogging ?- An exceptional case study for every Digital Marketer!!…

My Previous articles were on blogging, SEO, Traffic Increasing, Social Media Content Management, Blog Management, Blogging tips, Skill Development on blogging and so on. Recently I was thinking about those people who often avoid to write blogs or not interested to develop their projects/products through any kind of featured blog  on their site whereas those people are also the part of this Digital Marketing era and desire to earn profits from their stuff but without sparing their time on writing. That’s why I have given the title as an exceptional blog which is standing on my Digital Marketing Case Studies and dedicated to those non-bloggers but certainly they are also the enthusiastic content marketer. So I have written this blog for those kind  of people who can relate to this topic and I hope they will get some helpful tips. 

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Internet Marketing/Content Marketing/Digital Marketing is now very popular online earning strategy among most of the Youth Business Group or for other Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger who runs their business through Internet. Marketing at online is called Digital Marketing by simple term but as the growth of Digital Marketing day by day, It also has now a large field to take participation in it, to know its every important part in details for the benefit, to earn the good profit to rank high on the market, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and traffic making system- These all are the facts are now involved with it that seems to be the another revolutionary marketing strategies of most of the business retailers, product seller and so on. We have to reasearch on it if we want to be successful on this field. Let’s discuss on our today’s topic which is also a part of this Digital Marketing Online System.

Read the details below about the product selling facts related to Blogging and non-Blogging… So let’s take a coffee mug in your hand and start a quick read…


Introduction: Blogging v/s No-Blogging- The Logical preferences between these two terms for Digital Marketing…(Though it is too long to read I know, still this introduction part will give you the exact fundamental idea of→”The Vital Role of Pro-Blogging in the field of Digital Marketing which massively helps to get traffic from various sources randomly”  & “Without-Blogging how can you get good traffic to your site )

Let’s start the role of Blogging In Digital Marketing which enables high traffic through various mediums…

Blogging is now the most popular way by which you can express your thoughts to many people and even you can write blogs for several purposes (depending on your thinking). A blog can be of many types by its niche or can be depending on the different purposes of writing by its author’s choice (It may have some specific topics or reasons to explore something). But a blog is mainly considered to be of two types: Either Personal Blogging (About your personal stuff) or Professional Blogging i.e. Pro-Blogger (promoting products through blogs for featuring it to your audiences or it can be like an advertisement basis blog for any product launch, or maybe like you want to earn through ads in your blog which is only for reading to learn, maybe it is standing on the trending news, latest updates, informational theories etc)… Now in the field of Digital Marketing, most of the professionals even choose this online blogging interface to promote their stuff as blogging is now a very popular way to explore your product’s features to your clients more easily, and even there are some other kinds of Pro-Bloggers who write blogs on their sites to earn through ads and content marketing (Those are informational articles for their respective readers for learning purpose). Advertisement, earning, featuring, promoting, exploring, trending- All are now can be defined in the same way and that is by blogging. So we can say that there is a huge role of blogging for Online Affiliate Marketing. Many of the professionals are engaged now with this Blogging-job for earning and promoting and in that case, the pro-bloggers are usually very active if there is any question arises to earn their daily bread & butter only from their blogging. On another hand, Blogging can attract more to more people even free of cost to your stuff, just by writing style which can lead you to gain more high-engaging traffic to your site randomly. Now the traffic increment is a big issue for every online marketer if they are carrying their businesses through an online medium which needs a lot of attempts for both business-profits and for good SEO ranking on SERP to have a standard position on the Internet Marketing field.  So there are many factors are involved around blogging…

Let’s come to its exceptional cases i.e. Without Blogging How can you recover your traffic to get the standard traffic for your site!!……

The above paragraph was about the benefits and applications of blogging in Digital Marketing. Now let’s start to the discussion of this topic on which we have defined our blog title and that is How can you earn traffic to your site even without having any featuring blog!!??? The simple answer is- In this large field of Digital Marketing, there are many possibilities to earn money if you choose the right way at the right time, even by applying every alternative way for the benefits of your marketing (If needed), just you need to make a good plan(s) behind of your marketing strategies. As I have said above that blogging is now the easiest and effective way to promote your products or to launch your site. (Always the quality of the blog varies the most, that means if your blog is not so good for attracting your customers, then it is worthless until you get the targeted traffic, so you have to find out then a better way either with blogging or go for an alternative). Even by blogging you can connect with more people at a time. So, this is surely a great advantage of blogging, but What for those, who are not capable to write like a professional or have not the expertise skill for writing, or may not want to write any kind of blog instead of working only on their business stuff??!!- These kinds of people are also welcome here to achieve their success by chasing the goal of having the expected profit in their Digital Marketing working field… There are several alternative ways by which you can go through every systematical way to see your growing profits. Digital Marketing is built with such every alternative way where you can find out every possible idea for your benefits. Even you can surely get your targeted traffic without blogging, by choosing the alternative ways.

 Tips to earn traffic without blogging: The basic tips to follow:

Tips to earn traffic without blogging: Basic rules to follow::

Traffic is a very important factor for every Digital Marketer who runs their business through Websites. For a website, traffic is important not only for their product selling but also to rank on Search Engine Result Page for the purpose of having Good SEO ranks. But yes, this is true that at the end of the day, your number of product selling is the actual matter of your real profit, then the site traffic or SEO will be your second priority, but these two are depending on each other and so now this combination is the present status of Today’s Digital Marketing trends. So by this topic, we shall go for the discussion of having good SEO in every possible way.

If you want to avoid blogging but desire to earn more traffic to your site then I can give you some practically studied basic tips which are very helpful and even in free of cost for applying (Though I have also mentioned the paid way). You can surely justify the tips below with your own thoughts.

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10 tricky ways to bring your site a lot of traffic even without blogging:

Earning traffic without blogging is actually not a big deal!! Rather you have to choose every alternative way in advance with having a certain plan/marketing-strategy which is confidently applicable to your business system and then you can gain the targeted profit from your running business. Many of the Digital Marketers avoid blog writing because it usually takes more time to publicise as a good presentation (featured blog) besides giving the exact time to work on your actual content (promotion, developing etc). Because a blog has its own unique quality to represent itself in the form of an attractive content as well as in the form of an interesting online reading-material (especially if it is a featured blog of your stuff) to your clients. In case, if you desire to write blogs, you should have to spare more time on developing a blog, even at that time, you can’t neglect to manage the  manipulation, editing, presentation, and outlook of your blog, because if you want traffic through a blog, your blog should be developed and organised in a good manner (Well writing skill & presentation) to present it & you have to work on it. So, then you have to give an extra effort on blogging separately by sparing more time on it beside of other business schedules. Now if you don’t want to give that extra time or you may not be able at that situation to get involved in it, besides your product development or other launching recruitment, you can just go for the simple other options to make your site full of engaging traffic without any blogging, just by your product promoting. Let’s discuss the techniques below::

  1. Presentation: First of all the Presentation of your site matters the most. To attract your visitors, you will first need to make an attractive layout for the outlook of your site. The designation, the development, the links between your pages varies heavily which makes your site pages more interactive to your visitors. Marketing needs a platform to explore your content in the World of Internet Marketing. In this field of Digital Marketing, there are so many freelancers who are working on their project through several websites (Either by creating their own website or by through any other retailer site). So to compete with them in this Online Marketing, I would prefer you to create your own site (If you already working on a popular site and earning great moeny then it’s good but having own platform is always better to work indepenedently, which is the demand of the Digital Marketer after a certain time) with an outstanding quality of visually impressive layout or the theme which can attract your visitors at the very first sight!!. In that case, you can apply the Applets for your sites which will make your site more interactive with several kinds of suitable options and functionalities that should be very user-friendly to your visitors.  Presentation is the way by which you are representing yourself to your clients  with having some cool features in your site that your visitor could say “Wow!!” after have a look on your stuff. Good Presentation and other visual looks for a site depend first to make an impression then it comes to your next level of Marketing strategies through your stuff which is the very demand of your clients. So, people will impress on your presentation first then will decide to check out your site. So, first of all, to make your primarily attractive, you can apply High Quality of images (HD Quality Pictures) & Gif of your site along with a beautiful motivational caption, Title, Subtitle, add an about page, contact page, RSS Subscription with full details of your online business and about its stuff. The theme should be appropriate with your site with having the only necessary items, don’t add any unnecessary items which can distract your visitors from your main stuff, make everything related  your content with a fresh look which will psychologically strike on your every visitor’s mind which will make them curious to check out its stuff. Upload the quality pictures of your stuff in your every page like a portfolio (Give some small details). A site needs many things to add which can make it effective to your viewers. If possible you can also upload videos on your site which will make your visitors to be involved on it for a certain period of time (If the video is interesting for entertain, obviously about your stuff related, then by watching those videos your content marketing and traffic- both will be growing). So, think first how can you design & develop your site with an effective applet inside your site pages to make it more functionable, interactive, featured and contentful. If you are a starter but not having the proper idea or concept of creating, developing or to maintaining a site, you can go for WordPress, Tumblr or Weebly, Wix which will offer you every type of facilities from creating a site to selling your product, Good SEO qualities. Traffic management & Analyzing with plugin tools, Link Management and so on.
  2. Social Media Publishing/ Social Media Marketing for Site traffic: Social media sites are now the most effective platforms to promote your items or products and other stuff among more to more people. Like in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit – There are now lots of social media sites where you can publish your stuff concurrently and alternately. Now, whenever your followers will click your posted links on their timelines, they will be able to visit your site directly through your provided link and the traffic of views will be increased automatically on per click. On another hand, each of the social media sites has their own effective ways individually to promote your content (For Marketing purposes). That means different Social Media site has different ways and marketing strategies to share/post something on their provided wall/page, depending on the public interest and the other systematical way/mechanism of itself (Like Facebook has specific groups, pages for marketing related promotion, Twitter has no such group/page system like Facebook but has the Listing system to gather all kind of marketing stuff and professionals to advertise your stuff more openly and every Twitter account is similar to a page where you can post publicly and can analyze your post optimization, has its global attention for marketing posts, Google+ has both Collection and Grouping system whereas LinkedIn is totally a professional field for marketing purposes and for online business development system and can hire people by featuring your company page, Instagram can be used for ad purpose through high qualities images, Pinterest, on the other hand, will link your site images with your Pinterest profile, Reddit & Tumblr will use your site links through which the other users will visit your stuff). One thing you should have to remember that at the very first stage, you just need to have the worthy content with an excellent presentation which can attract more visitors to check out your site for at least one time. In addition, you can join several groups on Social Media sites where you can post the relevant items to get more visitors to your site which will enable high increasing (Like on Facebook, Twitter). The more visitors you can earn from your social media posts, your site will gain more traffic randomly.
  3. Email Marketing: Email Marketing, on the other hand, a very helpful option for every digital marketer, both for selling, buying, dealing and everything to increase their site traffic concurrently. Now the question is How can be it possible? Okay fine!! No need to get confused….The process is easy, even most of the starters take this way to send an invitation mail to their customers or to their other mail-subscribers individually to check out your newly launched stuff on your site. That means the same mail about the new-launched stuff with its short-description has to be sent to your every subscriber individually. There are many online paid tools like MailChimp(The Popular one) is used to fulfill such Email Marketing Strategies professionally & perfectly. Also, you can invite them to join your site to see the next coming event/offer or you can make an interest among them by announcing the “coming soon” like stuff on your site. Email Marketing nowadays can be done more professionally with many of Email Marketing tools at online with more attractive presentation along with the interesting content which can make your followers be interested to visit your site at least one time and that one time will become for many times to visit!! Like this idea?!! Most of the newbie freelancers choose this way for their benefits to earn traffic. Just make an awesome interesting mail which can create a curiosity in your every follower’s mind and let them the chance to share your products with their closest one(s).
  4. Communication: If you are a professional digital marketer then you have to know what is the role of Communication in this Internet marketing field. Communication means the interaction between you and your customers. This interaction varies the most. Because, how you interact with your visitors will give an effect on their mind to decide whether they will go for your stuff or not. Moreover, Communication fulfills the chances to increase your site traffic by the same visitors/followers if they are truly satisfied with your presentation through the interaction between you and them. On the basis of communication Skill, you have to handle your clients professionally to influence them (Like here you will play the role of an Influential Marketer through the direct interaction with your customers at online). For direct Communication, you can keep connecting with your clients through a phone number or with WhatsApp details to contact you. Even Communication can be also done through Social Media sites and also through Email Marketing. Every Social Media site has its own Communication process(Chat) through which you can interact with many people (your clients). Whenever you will post something interesting for your visitors, they will desire to interact with you (Depends on your presentation style) and here you have to show your performance of insisting your customers to go for your stuff. This is the communication skill or interaction skill through which you can make your clients interested in your stuff and so that they will visit your site, that’s the great profit both on your site traffic and on your product selling. More interaction with a skillful presentation enables you to get connected with your loyal clients. So, enhance the skill of your communication that will possibly grow your popularity among other more visitors. Communication will take you a far distance where you will don’t need to have any featuring blog, rather your popularity will enough (If your stuff is considered to be good to your customers)
  5. Be Updated with the trends: You have to be updated with all the trending news beside of working on your stuff before publishing them on your site. I am saying this because most of the customers choose the trending options to influence their clients to the trending offers. So it will be a better choice to add the most trending options relevant to your content. Make your own trend of your contents through your site. One thing you should have to remember that your site should be loading-friendly. That means people can visit or see your full site as fast as they click on your site link. With social media site posts, you can keep updating your site’s old post newly to your visitors. That means you can post about your old stuff with new outlook and caption on your different social media profiles by which you can get more visitors to the same post with adding the newest looks on posting. This is actually a tricky way, applied by most of the professionals where you have to just post the same stuff alternately and repeatedly to your followers with a new version & so that the same post will bring you more traffic to your site at different times. This process is called Engaging posting. Engaging posts are all time able to bring you good traffic, just by updating them. So as I have said before… Make your own trend which can give you the unique identity. Follow the trends and keep updating your site at a time to time which can make your site and content both trust-worthy to your visitors. Updated trending sites are always reliable before your customers choose you for their service. So be updated on both of your site, stuff and on your social media posts.
  6. Linking your site: Link your site internally and externally. Research says that if you link your site with other highly ranked sites, related to your same marketing niche, by commenting your post links on those site’s stuff, you can also get traffic through those sites. This is called external linking process. That means if you can link your site or its stuff by commenting its address-link with your suitable words on other popular (High-traffic gained or has good SEO) site’s comment box, then you can also get good traffic and SEO through them. Another strategy of External Link Building strategy is→ You can also link your site to those High traffic gainer popular sites by mentioning their site name with links or product-link on your page/stuff. For example, if you link your stuff with any of the famous company like Amazon, you will surely get traffic to your field. In case of internal link building, if you have multiple pages on your site, you can link them internally, so that the Search Engine Web Crawlers will go through the every linked page and it will be considered as worthy contented with its certain amount of traffic (If those every page has worthy content and good traffic). Moreover, the most effective ways of Internal Link Building strategy is→ You should have to link your every published post’s link with each other, just like they can see the previous content, next content or related content from just one page. Your one content will be linked with other contents. That’s the key to gaining traffic from your own site internally. Visitors will be able to dig your site to go deeper to deeper with their curiosity to discover more interesting content from your site. This is one of the best strategies where your site will gain more traffic from inside. So follow the link building strategies (Recommended)
  7. (Optional) PPC and other Paid Advertisements: The above-mentioned tips are all about the free traffic increasing methods, now if you want to invest, then you can choose the way of PPC (Pay Per Click) by which you have to advertise on other sites by investing on your stuff to promote them. It is actually an awesome way to earn fast traffic but yes, but need more assets to carry this professionally. You have to make a promotional poster type ads which will be published on other high traffic gainer site/popular site. Whenever visitors to that sites will come to your site through your ads, your traffic will be increased at a very high rate. Popular sites( Which site has already a huge amount of traffic)  are the best sources where you can invest for your ads/promotion so you can get random traffic by the increasing number of clicks (Though you have to pay for per click). Also, it can be dome vice-versa to earn from online. If other sites desire to give ads on your site by PPC, you can also a traffic and money both on per click. PPC is the most popular Digital Marketing strategy which will bring you traffic on a high-speed (Along with SEO). You can also earn from this ads if you have the proper idea of ROI (Return On Investment).
  8. Google Analytics, AdSense: You can apply Google Analytics for free unless you have 5 Million viewers on your stuff. Google Analytics with proper Adsense is a great way to earn traffic. On the other hand, like PPC, if you desire to invest in it, your site will earn money from your clients (Depends on What type of product you are dealing with or if your niche of marketing is working for other purposes for B2B marketing) with constant traffic gathering ability which will make your site to be ranked on Search Engines like Google. Affiliated Marketing-Adsense is an important factor to understand that how it works for your site.
  9. Keyword Research: Keyword Research, on the other hand, is the most essential part in case of growing your SEO on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Now What does this Keyword means for?- Keywords mean those words which are indexed by the search engines to their Databases and most of us whenever go to search for something on the search engine bar, we often use these keywords by which the search engines can show the result page (the result is relevant to that searching keyword)  to us. So Keywords are the terminal way by which a search engine can identify the result, related to that searching keyword and shows every possible link, websites, images & other stuff in front of us which all are probably relevant with the keyword (Searching term). Actually, the Keyword is nothing but the most searched-word (Related to any kind of stuff on the Internet to search by people through the engines), i.e. the most traffic gained word, recorded by the Search Engine Database and indexed as one of the High Ranking words by its number of searching. So you have to first find out the most popular keyword which is relevant to your stuff and have to use them as Caption, Title to your site’s stuff. So that, as a result, if you have good traffic on your site/stuff, the search engine will show it on their result page through the keyword basis searching by the people. That means whenever you will give the title with adding the relevant keyword (The most popular searching terms related to your content) to your stuff and if that stuff has already an excellent traffic along with a good number of views, then it can be even shown on the  Search Engine Result Pages through the searching of those keywords (Whenever people will search it they can see your site or content as one of the links shown on the result page) which you have added to its title before. Keywords basically help to grow our SEO faster if you apply it correctly to your content. The whole method can be defined as Indexing your site to show it on SERP through the Keyword Searching along with the good traffic of that content. Now there is the next level is the ranking. Do you Know what is Ranking?- Only showing the result on SERP is not efficient for good SEO, rather after showing it on SERP, you have to check that on which position or on which rank, your content is belonging on SERP. That means you have to target that your site or content should be displayed on the very first page of Results and obviously on the topmost position. Even if your site is indexed on SERP, maybe it is listed backward (Surfing of page after page of the Searching results and then you are seeing your site at the backward on SERP- This is not fair actually). So in that case, you have to work hard to bring it to the first page for at least the second or third position, so that you can say that your content has ranked on Google!! Like the following example below:  The Image below reveals that Thetechlearner has ranked on the first page and on the topmost position of the Result page, this position is called ranking. So your site should be shown on the top of the first page. screencapture-google-co-in-search-2018-05-12-02_03_19To do that, keep researching on the most trending keywords relevant to your content and is used by the most the high-ranking site for their B2B content by the Topmost Marketing Fellows. Try to follow their keywords and search for other most common & popularly used keywords, notice their ranking on Search Engine Result Page. Also, one thing I would like to say, that social media sites are also involved with this Keyword facts. Sometimes you can see several Social media (Especially Twitter) posts as a result of searching through a specific Keyword on the search engine bar. So whenever you will post your content links on Social Media sites, use also those keywords ( You can use hashtags) and so that your most liked or viewed social media post (Twitter posts in most cases)  may be shown on the SERP. Moreover, in addition, while communicating with people, keep a survey where you can find out that what type of searching terms are they used in case of searching the stuff relevant to your content on the search engines. Every Search Engine( Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo are popular to get good traffic) has its ranking individually (Not all the same). But once you have ranked well on SERP by having the good SEO, you have to maintain by keeping the growth of your traffic, and the advantage of high-ranking SEO is- People can find out your site on SERP easily while searching for something relevant to your content, and your site will get a huge traffic through Search Engines. Thus, SEO will enable you to gain more traffic randomly and your content will get popularity. Though it’s a hard-working long process to succeed but most effective too and that is the reason I have written on this for so long!!
  10. Plugins and SEO-Tools: You can also apply Plugins like Yoast SEO host, Bluehost, Automatic, Jetpack like SEO tools by which you can get ranked on Search Engines and these SEO tools are popular on which if you invest, you will surely get the result of seeing your site’ name and its stuff on Google/Yahoo searching result pages etc. These plugins are even used by famous WordPress and by famous other sites. Your SEO will catch the Growth Hacker tendency to cover all the criteria to win the best position on the Internet Search Engine Page.

So the above tips can be the effective ways by which you can earn traffic without any  blogging. But you have to give the right details on your every content individually to make it reliable.



So if you afraid of blogging or if you have not enough confidence or the time to write blogs then you can apply above mentioned tips by which you can gain your expected profits if you apply them correctly with the worthy presentation. The first thing you should remember that Content is the King. So first focus on your content to develop it and to make it reliable to your clients. Then the matter if traffic/SEO comes. This is a case study with the basic concept of increasing your traffic. If you have more to say you can freely say in the comment box below

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