How to use LinkedIn for your blog traffic?

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In my previous blogs, I have written a lot about bringing traffic to your blog from Facebook & Quora respectively. Now in this blog, I am going to discuss the techniques to drive the traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your main blog site. If you have already read the previous blogs (Traffic from Facebook & Quora)  then now it will be easy for you to understand more easily about the main facts and tips about LinkedIn.

About LinkedIn in Nutshell: Its Features and Benefits: 

About LinkedIn and its features in a nutshell:

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What is LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a Business/ JobSeeking/ Hiring/ Employment-service related Social Media site and a large professional case-oriented open source of Social Networking field where people can connect with each other for professional business or job purposes. LinkedIn means where you can link up with other persons, the link between professional fields, Skill development and to connect with other nice people. It is mainly used for Professional Network which operates several B2B websites and mobile apps, foundations and a large network of Entrepreneurs too. Reid Hoffman is the Founder of LinkedIn and Jeff Weiner is the current CEO now. It is a platform to post about your professional stuff like product selling advertisement or blog publishing. You can connect with another professional person and can even grow your skill by researching several other kinds of working manual. LinkedIn is totally a versatile social media platform from where you can learn a lot of career metric matters in a nutshell. On other hands, it has several features to represent yourself and your stuff in a Pro-avatar!!

What are the features of LinkedIn? 

As I have said above that LinkedIn is a Business and Job Seeking Employment Service Website where you can represent yourself as a Business HR, Blogger, Company representative, Job Seeker, Trainee/Internship. Every kind of facilities you will find for your favor. You can advertise your company details, you can look for an urgent job nearest to your hometown, you can hire employees, can connect with other professionals for business or for B2B relation, you can publish your blog and so on. When you will go to open an account on LinkedIn, you will be asked to choose one of the options like are you a student or job-seeker or business promoter, recruiter, representative or other else. Any kind of professional help you will get for your service. Just you have to increase your connecting network with more people and so that, everybody can identify you with your work.

Why LinkedIn? 

This platform is already famous for its professional field oriented contributions and the growth of LinkedIn’s marketing circumstances along with its popularities are growing like touching the peak of a high mountain!! Even LinkedIn developers have already made their platform more SEO friendly and still working on it more. There are some people you will find, telling you that LinkedIn is not SEO friendly or it has not the right or sufficient features to make it a good ranking on SERP. But it is wrong!! If you get involved in research of Keyword making as a blogger or you have already done on it randomly, you will see or have found surely that there are many celebrities or other startup-company founders or other entrepreneurs or famous professional public figures can be found on Search Engine Result Page. I can show you why LinkedIn is one of the ideal social media platforms for blog promoting:

  • SEO Friendly: As I told you that LinkedIn is actually good for SEO ranking. Even if your active profile has a large number of connections with good traffic and has the popularity for your work, your profile will be shown surely on Search Engine Result. People can figure out on whenever they will go to search for you.  Thus LinkedIn is SEO friendly and LinkedIn Profiles are much active to be shown on Search Engine Result many times.
  • Extended Field for Digital Marketing: LinkedIn is an ideal social media platform for Digital Marketing. As there are a lot of professionals or ventures & Marketers who are representing their companies or brands with their respective contents to get more attention from other relevant brands or companies to make online deals for having the profit via Digital way. So that, there is a huge possibility to connect with other media very closely through the social media marketing strategies here. LinkedIn is a responsive place for both ventures and clients. Even LinkedIn has several facilities & options to start your Digital Marketing today. At the one side where you can grow your Marketing skills by getting the most current updated on Marketing online and on the other hand, you can connect and communicate with the most successful Digital Marketers. LinkedIn is a brand itself to connect with so many other marketers and to share their ventures like an online deal.
The Blogging Feature of LinkedIn: 

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The Blogging Feature of LinkedIn:

LinkedIn now is considered to be one of the most influential & professional social media platforms with the world’s most powerful connection in your hand!! In the case, of blogging, LinkedIn is fully user-friendly to its every account handler. That means, LinkedIn has its features in both writing a blog or if you want you can publish your blog link (Your real blog site’s blogs). Now you can publish your blog which can be read by several other professionals or you can even write on LinkedIn itself. LinkedIn has its developed Writing Pad with useful features and tools which will give Blogging circumstances to write on your niche, you can publish them, share them. Blogging is one of the most important features of LinkedIn as many of the professionals are writing here on their product or niche and are publishing them publicly. Even you can sed your blog individually to your connections.

Tips to earn traffic through LinkedIn: 

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Important tips to earn traffic from LinkedIn:

So now we are directly going to discuss the most essential steps and tips by which you bring a huge amount of traffic for your blog. Most of the Professionals are following the methods and receiving good responses from their clients. So let’s take a deep breath and go through the Following tips:

1. Create a Profile with Strong Credential: 

Create a Profile with Credential: 

First of all, open the LinkedIn to log in & then  create a profile of yours by which people can easily identify who are you and for what purpose you came on LinkedIn to build connection with other guys- That’s the most important factor for every professional on LinkedIn to represent themselves through their works in an identical way (By your own choice of representing yourself) to a large number of their followers or connectors. People will get connected only when you can make an effective introduction to them.

To represent yourself as an active professionals on LinkedIn, you should have to present your outstanding works by up to date randomly & have to share its potentials with all your necessary stuffs, have to reveal your background (Your qualification or previously working experiences if you want, also you can say about your path of success or motivation which leads you to come across to this stage of your profession which proves that you are also the perfect one to grow on at LinkedIn Professional Network),  about your company (If you have your own one then must mention it or refer the one where you are working), your blog, your e-stuff or the other reasons for joining it, to hold it for future… which will be shown in addition with your credential and these all will be indexed by LinkedIn Operators under the same & specific professional-relevant business field or Job field and those enthusiastic people who are belonging or looking for the same profession can see you in similar types of  profession-relevant suggestive list to connect with you.

  A Powerful Professional Profile always makes a delightful impression among your Visitors & creates an impact on your readers too. For that reason, your credential is necessary for the presentation of your work. Now, I would like to say about the important details which you should have to add in your profile:

1. Mention your Professional credentials (If you are a part of the Start-Up Company, mention your position there or if you are an Entrepreneur or Job Seeker or already working under a company, Executive HR/Manager, Blogger, Digital Marketer, Student, Company CEO or whatever it is, write them on your identity portion under the Profile Section. by which people can recognize you for their need & then will connect you if you are enough capable to win your customer’s heart)

2. Write a short & interesting Bio about yourself which should be professionally impressive to read. Your bio can make an impact on the people to decide whether they will connect you or to follow you. (You can write whatever you like to share about yourself but write with a professional touch in an impressive manner so that people can understand your value of existence here and will desire to follow for their own needs sometimes). Bio will make an idea of yourself to a lot of visitors and they will surely judge you with your works, especially by reading your bio first. This introduction is necessary to go further for your other details to read.

3. Insert links to your blog or websites or photos in the Bio portion. This portion enables you to add the blog links also. Mention them for sure (Mention them briefly). Also, you put some of your photos with the provided links. Your uploaded photos can make your profile more interesting before go to your other details. So it’s just about to take an extra advantage to attract more people with your profile’s visualization.

4. Mention your Working Field (That means the company you are involved in or your own start-up company, or your online portals of businesses like running website or digital marketing agency. In case, if you are a Job Seeker or a Student, you can also mention them in that details of your experience field… Some people are also about to hire the job seekers via LinkedIn company page or directly from their own profiles). Also, you can mention your educational backgrounds along with your running brand with more to more possible blog URLs or website links which are linked to your brand. (This makes you more friendly to your visitors to get more details on you) 

5. You can write something on your brand or company or about your entrepreneurship, blogging along with mentioning them in Experience field in limited works, enabled by LinkedIn. Even you can add links or images here, referring to your websites or blogs through it. LinkedIn enables you to feature your blog or site with your brand name more professionally (These link can bring your site traffic while people will show their interests to visit your blog via links)   

6. Mention all your Personal & Professional Skills (Mention about those particular skills you have in your working field and people can understand the value of your working) Your personal blogs and professional achievement will make an impression on your readers to follow your blogs. 

2. Build Connections with more Professionals: 

Build Connections to share your work field:

LinkedIn is made for many professional reasons where one of them is to build the connection i.e. growing your Pro-network. Yes, this is the most powerful advantage to share your works and to represent it for more professionalism by which other people can get involved with you.

At the very first, when you will open an account on LinkedIn and therefore when you will mention all the customized working zones and voluntary experiences, company’s site URL or blog or your portfolio-links under your Profile section, LinkedIn will automatically select your every working titles and will index it to a specific category of the same working field (referring to the company page or brand) & will notify about your appearance to the other same work- fielders as a mutual working-person. Similarly, you will be also notified about your same work fielders across the world (If you want you can select your area by which can interact others more easily who are nearest to you comparatively). LinkedIn will notify both of the same work fielders if they desire to connect with each other.  As per LinkedIn’s choice, it is good to have 30 connection at the very first stage. 30 connections are defined as comparatively mini-professionals & people can show their interests to connect with you. But as you will grow your network day by day, you will be offered by LinkedIn for more opportunities that will give your profile more value (You can take those as per your choice only).

The more you can connect or the more you can grow your professional network with many people, your appearance must get more values, your works, articles or blog site will be more visited by the connected people. Your connection is the network of more professionals who will get involved with your stuff. Remember, if you have a large number of connections then your blog or other kinds of posts will be visited more- Now think about it. Isn’t this a great way to earn traffic?!

LinkedIn is very active in that case, to take all the responsibilities for your favor to represent your works and your company (or blog) in a high-quality mannered and well-standard position. It will ask you to choose topics, pages or groups and then it will suggest you be connected with the same professionals or same field-workers like you by which you can grow your connections and can interact with many like you. Even LinkedIn is very responsive to your working field. If you are a blogger, LinkedIn will give you the full potential to spread out your blog along with suggestive blogging host company or page.

Another most important fact is Communication. The most responsive and effective way to get loyal readers. After connecting with many people, you can offer them to visit your site or to read any of your articles. Try to gather more people through communicating to check out your blog and in exchange you can also visit their contents. This is called Exchanging that means, the more people you can communicate, the more you can spread out your blog randomly which will earn more traffic to your site.

Last, of all these stages of building connections, you can join LinkedIn Groups relevant to your blog or stuff. Groups are the place to connect with more people and to share more stuff by communicating with them. Marketing groups are an ideal place on LinkedIn to promote your website and its niche description which will lead to gain more growing traffic in the fastest way as much as possible.

3. Brand your Company or Blog: 

Brand your Company or Blog: 

Create a LinkedIn page, officially which is known as the “Company” page or “Showcase” page to  promote your company (It may be a digital startup like online marketing also), E-commerce services (Brokers of Digital Media handlers), Any kind of Client Service Provider (CSP) or a particular topic-based Guest-Blogging for promotion of a blogging site (Where you are not the owner but a guest blogger or Product-feature writer or paid author) or other kinds of entrepreneurship or whatever it is but, in case of Problogging, it will only represent your blog or blogging-company on the LinkedIn platform with more details to promote it, to feature it for many people who will show their interests on it.

Most importantly use your blog’s brand logo with attractive company relevant or blog related images which can make your blog more professional. A brand logo always makes a blog more reliable and worthy to read it along with making an impact on all of your followers and readers about the marketing value of it. This Company page enables you with more space to represent your blog along with the full details on its niche with its public value. Every detail of your blog (Your blog’s niche & purposes of publishing, about your company with experiences about its targeted audience etc) will be represented on the LinkedIn page as a Digital Company to promote its every stuff or it is also about to describe your Startup Blog to your visitors. People will be more able to know about your blogs within this portal more easily.

Mention this page in your profile under the Experience field records. You can post your blog here (In your page). Any type of post (You can also promote your blogs) of your blog-related, you can post them in your page randomly like people do in their Facebook Page (This process is same as in Facebook and you are the admin to control your page). Spread out (Share) your company page (It means your blog related LinkedIn page) on your other social media profiles and connect your LinkedIn Profile with your blog on your original blog platform.

Make a brand of your blog on LinkedIn today. So that people will be more likely to visit your blog and they will get interests where most of your visitors will be either professionals or blog lovers to choose your blog (If your contents get clicked for good responses) and they will be rating it. LinkedIn has the best options to give your blog a professional form or view by representing it via LinkedIn Company Page. Here you can give all details like contact info, blog links, about page, your address, your blogging purposes, the hashtag for your blogs and so on. It just about to make a brand and to promote it through a page on LinkedIn. As same as you can also invite your connectors and followers to join your page so that they will get your post details in an easier way.

4. Posting & Sharing options on LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn’s posting option and sharing with Twitter profile: 

LinkedIn enables you to post anything on your wall which can be also auto-posted on your Twitter feed at the same time, by just linking your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile previously. It’s really a very helpful option if you can post or share your blog links apart from your LinkedIn Profile or from your LinkedIn Page’s posts to another most active and large community of Social Networking site like Twitter which will help you to earn more traffic from both of this two social media sites randomly. You don’t have to work hard to post a stuff for these different social media individually by giving double effort!! You can post a blog or can share anything on LinkedIn which will be surely auto-posted to your Twitter timeline (In the post button, click on the menu, symbolized by down arrow beside it, then allow the option to share it on your Twitter feed automatically).

LinkedIn will show you how much views for your shared post of blog posts you are getting or liked by people. By this, you can count also the number of views of your every post individually. This is an actually nice way to rectify your profile traffic with the viewers from any locations. LinkedIn here has its special feature to show you the number of times people have viewed your profile, will display you how many times your posts are viewed and the increasing/decreasing number of traffic for a certain period of time (Maybe about a week or monthly traffic records). Beside it, LinkedIn will also notify you about those people who have visited your site, their names, profession, from which working field or which position of their profession they are belonging from.

By the above way, you can understand the visitor’s choices, the background of those visitors from where they came to your site, the source of traffic- They should be your first LinkedIn targeted audiences to bring them to your site which will enable you more traffic and views. These targeted audiences will be your source and further you can grow can grow a valuable connection from these visitors to more visitors. These all will go for the benefits of your blog.

Another trick which is used in almost every social media sites and now on LinkedIn too and i.e.- Sharing your same previous content (blog) newly or again to earn more traffic to your blog. This is really a good advantage because, whenever you will share your old post it will be again auto-posted on Twitter. The time when it will be auto-posted on Twitter will gain more traffic for another time. So try to keep reposting your very old posts to make it alive to your visitors. Your old blogs are always valuable as same as the current one. So take this way of reposting, so that old blog or other posts can new traffic from both LinkedIn and Twitter.

5. The Blogging Facilities of LinkedIn

 LinkedIn’s Blogging Facilities: 

You have already read a few about the blogging features of LinkedIn. Now it some to the details here as a vital tip learning

LinkedIn is also popular for its Blogging platform. It is a type of social media site which is actually constructed with several unique features that has made it more worthy than any other general social media interface, because of its professional terms and fields, even for its professional circumference along with its professional outlook where the most unique feature, added to its facilities is- Blogging, which is specially launched for the pro-bloggers or business conductors (Though it is now used by many people, connected on LinkedIn. Anyone can start their blog on LinkedIn) to write a blog on LinkedIn, either for their company promotion or to promote their real blog via LinkedIn blogging. This feature enables also a good traffic regarding its blog promoting circumstances.

In  LinkedIn, you will find an option first while posting something on the feed and i.e. “Write an article” (Left side of other posting options). If you click on it, it will take you to another new window or tab where a platform for blog-writing will appear and every type of tools will be provided to you like Font style making, Inserting images, videos, paragraph making, aligning etc. These all are the minimum requirements for a blog-writing served by LinkedIn. You can write a full blog post on LinkedIn as a professional one.

In that case, if you want you can also write blogs on LinkedIn apart from your original blog or you can write a few lines on your newly published blog with providing the link of that actual blog. Today, there are a huge number of people included with pro-bloggers, social media managers and companies publish their articles to promote about there stuff and even sometimes they only write on LinkedIn and becomes the LinkedIn Bloggers.

How LinkedIn can you help to get traffic to your real blog?

In LinkedIn Blogs, whenever you will write a discussion, paragraph or documentation on your most recent published journals/articles (Here you have to mention your original blog-website via backlinks), people will want to visit directly to your original blog via your provided blog-links on LinkedIn-blogs. That means if you set the backlinks in your LinkedIn blogs with relevant keywords randomly, It will be more able to bring you traffic for at least 5 to 10 times for each blog, you have mentioned. In this way, one LinkedIn Blog can bring traffic to your many blogs randomly. The LinkedIn blog will enable to connect a word to your original blogs and the interested people will dig it out to read more and as a result, they will check out your site via the blog link.

Now the fact lies under the condition of- What type of keyword you are using to promote your blogs via LinkedIn articles?.

A keyword is a very important factor for any kind of blog on any type of platform before publishing. People refer to the keywords most which make them be interested to dig out deeper through the provided links on your LinkedIn-writings. While writing on LinkedIn, you have to remember it as a vital tip that, a keyword is not only a particular word but can be a sentence or terms in which you have to insert your blog-links. This words or sentences will attract your readers more to visit your source blog. You have to now focus on those words which are very relevant to your niche that can attract your visitors to be stuck at your blogs which are called Keyword Research.



So, the above is the detailed information, tips, and strategies on LinkedIn Marketing. All these are the basic way to make your blogging career to be successful via the LinkedIn platform. As you will work on LinkedIn Marketing, you will go through many experiences which will make an expert for Digital Marketing and by that you can bring to your site more traffic simultaneously.

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