Why Blogging is so popular today to all the Young Entrepreneurs?!- Let’s analyze it…


Introduction part:

Blogging has become so much popular that now even it comes as one of the mainstream profession. The People who are engaged with this task, are writing blogs either as to fulfill their hobby or they are serious to do this for their professional causes (Digital Marketing, E-commerce product featuring, E-Marketing etc). There are over 98.1 Million new blogs published on WordPress alone each month. So think, what about the other CMS platforms!! How many blogs are totally published in a month from all over the Internet World!!- Can you think?!. The number is very huge that you can’t imagine even!

This has come possibly because blogging is getting famous in all kinds of Digital Fields day by day and people are in love with writing online. Because people of today’s, are very tech-savvy & they often love to be involved with online appearance, especially after the presence of Social Media sites, people are more likely to be on the Internet today. Seeing this, there are many Blogging platforms has been arisen to give chance to those people who love to write online, to present themselves as one of the online activists today- That’s really very fascinating I know!!

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Now taking this advantage, people are getting more engaged to create a website via WordPress or other platforms and start their online journey. They got likes and comments and even they are becoming popular too. So why not people will keep going with this!! As a blogger, I can feel it deeply, all about this passion for writing.

Purpose of blogging which has increased the chance of blogging in every field: 

Several purposes of blogging which has made it famous in all countries:

I have already discussed in my previous articles that there several kinds of blogs depend on its niche are ruling over the Internet for different purposes and in different fields too. The most common is how to start a blog?!-  Click here to know

The Next most common question comes to mind that what types of CMS you should choose for your blog?

After gathering all the information on the above topics, a blogger goes for his own field to start his journey. On what kind of niche and for what purpose you are going to write varies the most before start writing. Because people mainly choose two kinds of options for blogging and that is the most common even- One is a Personal Blog (Lifestyle blog or Personal story like you can write about your favorite topic or hobby of traveling, food, movie or life experiences/incidents), another one is the Business blog (Industrial blog for blog marketing, Digital/E-Marketing, E-Commerce, Product launching or featuring blog and so on).

Now depending on the niche, the CMS (Content Management Systems Where your blog will be published/ a platform to manage your all blogs) will be decided to choose. Different types of CMS are available on the Internet today and host services along with lots of themes to apply on your blog as per your blog presentation choice. If it is a personal blog, then appearance will be different, if it is a business blog, then its appearance should be like professional and obviously much different from personal one.

Whatever your purposes are working behind your blog writing, there some common and basic benefits of blog writing- Let’s describe it briefly…

Benefits of Blogging:

Benefits of Blogging:

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Through blogging, a blogger can reach out his goals. In different work field, there are different bloggers are working with a kind of specific purpose. But they have the basic and common goals to achieve to make their blog successful. Let’s dig into it.

  • Reach: Blogging gives an opportunity to reach our online users and it’s a great asset for search engine optimization or SEO. Blogging is a way to create content and our respected search engines love to find out this content through web-crawlers. So that your search engine rank will be increased and this will make your blog to reach more people out there. So, by content, you can gain more followers and subscribers via SEO.
  • Easy to use: Having an Internet Connection and skill of writing with passion, this can make you start your blogging journey as a newbie one. Today, it is not to start a blog by choosing any of the available CMS on the Internet. There are many online platforms where you can start your blog. Like WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Medium- there a lot of CMS or platform to publish your blogs and even this will also provide some great offers to grow your blogs. Internet and every site there is going on the blog. So it will be not so tough to find out your niche and about other information for your blog writing.
  • Possibilities: Through Blogging, you can make your online presence, not only as a hobbyist passionate writer but also you can choose it as your career option. Blogging is now a very popular passionate job on the Internet today, as well as one of the most independent fields to learn and write and to build it as your career and even sources of income via blogging are nowadays very much easy obtain if you choose the right strategy for your blog to present. If you think this sounds a little bit complicated, then let me clear this- Blogging is the most common job on Internet world today. starts with Digital Marketing to any kind of business promotion and even any kind of freelancing works. Blogging has the option to work as a personal blogger or for others as a guest blogger, have the potential to establish yourself to be a famous writer or popular influencers or product launcher and anything else. It has several kinds of possibilities to establish yourself as a multi-field engager on the Internet.
  • Benefits of Blogging for Digital Appearance: Benefits of blogging can differ on For what reason you are blogging or what type of profit you want to achieve from your blog. Let’s explain it briefly:
  1. Blogging for Individual: If you are setting up your personal blog or your personal small online earning-business or freelancing, then you may come over these experiences below:

Sharing your experiences & Knowledge:

As an individual, you can start your blogging by sharing your learnings, your opinions, your experiences and so on. This refers to the personal blog in general. Sharing your experiences in your own language with your readers will increase your writing skill and thinking capabilities higher. Experiences can be depended on any type of niche on which you have enough knowledge to share and you are eager even to learn. Apart from growing your blog as an influential one, you can also be invited to any workshop to give a speech or to motivate other bloggers with your experiences and knowledge.

Become a better Author:

The best way to improve your writing skill is- Write every day on some of your favorite topics which will help you to grow your skill of writing and speed of thinking capacity. In fact, Blogging is actually the best way to grow your writing skill and there is no necessity of having a publishing house or an editor to pay. You can publish, whatever you want to display online to your readers. That means you don’t need many efforts to represent yourself as a great author because it is really easy to present your writing online where other efforts are not required to show. On the other hand, blogging is the most famous career option for this generation, they can earn, even they connect with people with their online through their valuable articles.

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→Start a Business:

A large number of people and entrepreneurs. authors have started their blog as a hobby. Even they are much interested to go with it as their career option for an online startup. Blogging is an option which can be started as either hobby or to open an online business or digital marketing- This is the most flexible option to grow your purpose through writing and featuring your business. Even you can be a speaker, can advertise your services through blogging. There are plenty of opportunities to monetize your blog for startup purposes.

→Gain Influences: 

As a blogger, you can get influenced, or can be a better influencer for others. Through blogging, you can get a massive online audience and can reach through your content. Blogging enables to gain trust and respect from your readers. The influencers open up so many doors for you. Brands, Celebrity interview, Book promoting- You can get so much brand promoting offers via blogging.

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→Create an Online Community:

Blogging can provide you the chance to create an online community with your loyal readers. It allows you the social aspects and also allows you to establish yourself as a successful author. It gives you the opportunity to chat with your readers at the same time. You can encourage your visitors to take participation in questioning on your topic, ask them for feedback and also allow them to leave comments on your blog. As your blog will grow and will reach more readers, your online community will also grow beside it. They will get more interested in your topics and will ask you more about it. In this way, not only your blog will grow more but also you will earn respects from your loyal readers and followers. They can interact with you, they can be influenced by you. Also, more people will come to visit your blog through this online community & this community will become a premium club which will make more reliable opportunity for your blog.

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Other Benefits of Blogging:

Blogging has several options for both earning money and gaining fame, along with getting respects from your readers. A huge approach it has, to make a large potential where you can be a leader to lead other enthusiasts like you. Also, different purposes have different benefits from blogging. Beside of these, there are some basic and most common benefits of blogging for every purpose. Let’s discuss it…

Increase Traffic:

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Blogging is a great way to increase your site traffic. It is a first and common factor for a blog. Traffic enables more SEO, more readers, and followers to your blog. If you have sufficient content in your blog, then your blog pages will be indexed by search engine web crawlers to store it on their databases and will be able to show it on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) by search queries which are used by us to search anything on search engines in daily days. Now your content will be listed on SERP, only when you have enough traffic to your blog. Traffic can be earned in several ways, by social media posts, email notification to your readers and so on. Traffic depends on your contents. Your contents will help your site to be indexed on the search engines database. Traffic will reach your blog to more people from where your earnings can get more opportunities to grow.

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Improve SEO:

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To improve your SEO, there are mainly two ways- 1. Organic SEO (Free of Cost) 2. Inorganic SEO or by paid method (The most paid method is PPC- Pay Per Click). In between these two, there are several common ways to follow by which you can gain profitable SEO for your blog. These ways are:

  1. Keyword Research: Keywords are the way by which search engines can identify, or can recognize the similar or relevant words you have used in your blog, with the searching terms and then through search queries, it shows the result in front of you. Keywords are one of the most effective ways to establish your blog on the high-ranking position on SERP. Now you have to make research that which type of words people use the most which are relevant to your blog niche, check out the most common and most top showing words on search engines and then apply it on your blog. If you have enough traffic to your blog, then using right keywords will show you the profitable SEO results.
  2. Relevancy: The more relevant visits you have, the more likely search engines will index your site’s content to their database. Relevance visits help to rectify the site by web crawlers and it will be more easy to index on Search Engine Database so there will be more opportunities to rank high on SERP.
  3. Off-Site SEO: Off-site SEO means generating inbound links and other exceptional post links to your blog. Link Building enables more chance to increase the count of visits which will grow your site traffic and then it will help to earn top-ranks on SERP. The only necessity is valuable content on your site.
  4. Freshness:  Freshness of your content, on the other hand, is required mostly to represent your content, idea, experiences, and knowledge more attractively to your visitors. It is an important fact that the search engine will love to index your new fresh content and the old being updated.

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To maintain your SEO rank, you have to always be careful of your site traffic that should be increasing with good numbers of views but at the same time, you have to also take some additional ways to gain more traffic- like via social media promoting, link sharing with other sites and so on. Sometimes SEO includes long-tail keywords through which Search Engine can show your site as a result either on the front page or on the next pages of SERP. The long-tail searching keywords are also known as Long-tail Queries which are search engine queries connected to the search engine databases which are higher-converting and can give better performance on SEO. You have to keep research on these several types of search engine queries and keywords to improve your SEO rank.

→Build Influence:

Blogging helps to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. You can build a high potential influence over the industry. You can promote your brand, can introduce yourself with your other professionals, influencers and potential customers (readers and other regular visitors). You can also establish your brand to a high-quality standard position and online users can identify you with your presence and your work which make a trustworthy relationship between the blogger and the consumer/customer. Also, it’s a great helpful factor to make an impact on the industry.

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→Creating a personal approach:

In the business world, there are several sites belongs to several companies, which are represented with amazing visual craft, stories of those particular companies with their details respectively along with other attractive layouts which can make an impact on the visitors. But it is proven that even an amazingly represented and well-organized site cannot give the best performance to their consumers like a blog can. A blog can give you the best score of performance where you can promote your products, you can use blogs as an advertisement for your products or show their making procedures, featuring them for international market-promotion. Also, you can share your company stories, updates and can launch other peripherals through blog marketing. It makes an approach to building a trustful connection between your company and your customers. An effective way to promote your brand and even you get much fame with your online identity.

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→Collecting Mails or Email Marketing:

It’s a great opportunity to build a Business-to-Customer relationship via email marketing and even you can more easily connect with your customers or subscribers via email. Email Marketing starts by collecting the emails of your visitors/customers. That can possible only by offering them to join your forum by providing their respective email-ids which are shortly known as subscribing. You can increase your audience by making them more interested in your brand and if they join your online forums it’s your lucky chances if profit to grow your business. Just make sure to update your site and content regularly and star to send your customers notification via emails and even you can earn money via email marketing.

→Generate Inbound Links:

Generating inbound links is one of the great opportunity not only to increase your SEO rank or traffic but also to make your brand more famous to the visitors. Without a blog, link building process seems to be impossible. Here I can give you a good tip- If you more than one site of your brand, then you can connect your every site by mentioning their URLs in each of them by which visitors will be able to check out your every site via mentioned links, even search engines like link-building and link generating process. On another hand, other sites where influencers like you, are working on the same project or content, can make a deal with you to share their site URLs in your site and vice-versa. That means, other blogs can be connected to your blog, by this process, your site with the other connected site can earn more traffic at the same time by random visits of your visitors. Through Link Building, you can even earn money, which is called PPC (Pay Per Click), Affiliated Marketing and so on. Without the blog, you can’t get the expected links to your site, whether, if you have blogs or guideline, you can freely connect with other site’s content.  It’s also good for website optimization.

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→Increase Sale:

All business and site owners finally see the benefits of Email Marketing, better Search Engine Optimization, Increasing Traffic, gaining more influence via blogging. All these factors are very much important and useful even for earning money through online marketing. Affiliated Marketing, Sponsored Content Marketing all are running on via blogging where huge profits can be earned successively. Blogging helps a brand to earn both money and fame and even a fallen company can recover their brand name and establish themselves via blogging. It creates a great impact on Sales and Marketing online. A golden opportunity to run your blog or business along with profitable shares and sales.



Besides the benefits of blogging in Online Business Strategies, there are also some obstacles for blogging, like as time-consuming for blogging, budgets and investments and other challenges you may face while blogging.  But on the whole, we can say that, for an entrepreneurship or online business start-up, blogging is one of the best options to establish your brand. Especially if you are a blogger, then it is a golden opportunity to start your career as an ideal blogger in the form of an Affiliate Marketer or Digital Marketer. It has great profit to earn. Many scopes for business is blogging only and so that, entrepreneurs are choosing this way undoubtedly.

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