3 Most common obstacles of blogging which you should have to know briefly…


Introduction: About the blogging obstacles in a nutshell:

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Blogging is a popular profession nowadays as I have said it before in my previous blogs and also have mentioned a lot of thing about blogging which is important to know and to learn. For some people, it is the source of their daily bread &butter and for some people, it is just a part-time passion to write online to show their thoughts or quotes to their audiences. Now for the most professional cases, blogging can give you the most successful result by earning a great profit only by maintaining some basic rules. But the true fact is, like every other profession, you have to give your best in your struggle to make your blog successful. Though a professional blogger is always can be called a Digital Struggler who struggles to keep his blog on the top position on the Internet World.  Now, these struggles include some basic obstacles while blogging. The obstacles can be small or big but nothing to worry. There are also some ways to overcome it. Let’s talk on this briefly…

About the Obstacles of blogging:

Obstacles of Blogging in details:

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Besides the positive strategies of blogging, there are some obstacles also arise while blogging takes place as a profession. Let’s discuss the most common three obstacles of blogging:

Time Consuming:

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This is one of the biggest issues while blogging. As a Blogger, I can also relate myself to this. A blog is not about writing something and then publishing as well!! A blog is a content which should have to be organized, manipulated, arranged, right-spelled & grammatically perfect, errorless proofread, edited and then finally it goes for being published on your site. These all tasks take time and even depending on contents and its purposes, sometimes a blog takes more to more time to be completed. So it’s not a very to easy to handle work you can understand. Each blog means each different contents take time to present it online. But as a professional guy, it can be overcome by following these ways:

  • Hire Freelance writers: Most of the companies are taking these strategies to promote their company or their products via online resources which can be possible in the most successful way by blogging and so that, for the purpose to consume their time, they hire the freelance bloggers. Someone outside of your company can create the contents of your blog in return od some sufficient amount to that freelance guy. It is very helpful and even time to consume that you can carry out your own work without worrying about the time management of your blog posting. But make sure that the person is trustable as well as knowledgeable on that topic you give to write and even the person also have to aware of your company and its strategies.
  • Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging, on the other hand, one of the most common freelancing job online today. They are also freelancers but there is a difference between hiring a freelancer and hiring a guest blogger. Hiring a freelancer means those persons will only work for your company, that means they are undertaken by your company whereas guest bloggers are those who can write for several companies or for several blog site including your one. They are guests, that comes to your site while needed or sometimes they want to be invited to your site for sake of writing to earn money online. Guest blogging is one of the most effective and even good SEO ranking of your blog. They will bring you the most refreshed and new contents to your site and your audiences will get interests to read those contents. They will randomly provide you various kinds of blogs with hyperlinks (Link Building strategies while taken to increase SEO). But obviously, whatever the content will be relevant to your niche. It must relatable to your topic and in this way you can also keep up the continuation of publishing blogs randomly. It helps also to increase your traffic and audiences both.
  • Create a plan & to-do list: If none of the above plans are applicable for you then go for this option and that is to create a plan and to-do list. Creating a plan means to organize your topics well. A plan to determine your very step that starts from creating your blog’s content to publishing at the end, between this a long process lies which can be managed comparatively easily if you take these strategies. Now making a to-do list is a part of that plan that follows the schedule of your those steps of the plan. A to-do list is a schedule that not only consumes your time and helps to do all the procedures like editing, proofreading, optimizing on time. It is also a publishing calendar that you can regularly update. If you are unable to post a blog each day, then don’t worry!! at least make sure that you have the updated schedule of publishing your blog.
  • Learning with time: It makes easier to create your blog content as well. Writing will be easier and faster if you are enough experienced and knowledgeable of that topic and know the particular format of the blog before writing. So first, learn the topic briefly, gain enough knowledge which can make you experienced to know the topic and then, when you will go to write on it, it will become easy for you to organize and to edit your content before publishing. It takes less time because you will be already prepared by your mind with enough idea and knowledge to create your blog.


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Blogging is also a great challenge as it takes several ways to make it successful. Many companies, who have not the sufficient time to publish their regular basis blogs, can’t often expertise the skill of making a high-quality content due to the lack of time. In that case, the companies face difficulties and even can’t understand sometimes what customers need. This takes to their failure and simply fall to the downwards.

In purpose of recovering such problems, it is necessary to recognize those issues of difficulties to solve them as early as possible. Just try to detect the problems first which are holding you back and preventing you from creating or publishing an effective blog for your customers. But don’t give up if you see the sign of obstacles, because they will come in their way but you have to solve them in your way. Try to understand the necessities of your customers and study hard on other perspectives on Blog marketing. It seems to be like a research on which your blog recovery is dependent. Make sure that you are thinking about the ways, by which your company can overcome it positively.


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It is another problem while investing on your blog or on your website which handling your blogs with its database. Actually, this problem is associated mainly with the smaller companies because as a startup company, they have not a sufficient budget to invest online. Though they know that online promoting is an effective way to boost their business and become popular, most of the cases, it takes a costly way to manage these all. A smaller company does not have enough money to run a successful blog from all sites. Not only this is the problem of a smaller company, but also a newbie blogger who comes to the field of freelancing but faces difficulties of these online budgets to invest.

Especially these smaller companies are unable to allocate the significant budget to blogging. Besides blog hosting, the budget can include the cost of editing, optimizing, use of plugins for better SEO, boosting traffic and for other cases, writer’s fees, proofreader’s fees, content creator’s fees for visual content and designing, blog promotion and distribution, for more applications and other blogging tools, maintenance of website etc. All these can become a burden for a start-up company, even they are often unable to invest a lot of money on this before seeing the hope gaining minimum profit from it.

A company or a blogging enthusiast person can overcome it by optimizing their content making and blogging activity so that they can be able to provide at least some contents for their visitors. A blog post per week or even at least once in a month is far better than no content or a long gap of publishing. Also try to accept guest bloggers, who might want create for your site in returns of some backlinks. Thought most of the guest blogger writes for sake of earning money, but if you keep searching, you will find out some guest bloggers who are just about to getting backlinks from another site, and so that they want to write on others website to get backlinks and even this is also helpful for you to earn some traffic through this.



Blogging is also a way with full of challenging which a blogger by his own skill. Challenges exist but another best thing about blogging is that it has numerous chance to earn money from various sides of its applications for business purposes. On another hand, lots of chances of benefits to promote your small business or digital marketing. At the very starting point, blogging seems to be like stressful, quite difficult and even there will be plenty of moments when you will have self-doubts. You will become confused about your own content as well as how to promote it for better profits. All it needs to have a deep study like researching on your blog. Only your experiences can give you the better result to succeed further. Blogging is a science, an online media science where you can learn the logical ways about how the Internet working with its pieces of information and so on.

However, it is helpful to have a plan, a blogging strategy in place. Your right strategies will show you the goals you want to achieve and already you are working for, the benefits which you can eventually earn via strategical blogging. It will make you feel more motivated to pursue your vision and your blogs will become successful.

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