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Privacy & Policies conducted by Thetechlearner:

Thetechlearner has its own privacy & policies due to its customer security, Safe Subscribing and also for the Information Security along with site’s data reliabilities. Let discuss all the terms and conditions in details below. Go through our every detailed fact below and be the part of our Thetechlearner by subscribing it now.

About the Privacy & Policies: 

Thetechlearner has approved all its Privacy and Policy with all the Security Beneficiation in purpose to let our visitors having the best experiences to visit our blogs safely and without any interruption. We have maintained our privacy and policy rules with reliable authentication on which Thetechlearner is going along with all its credentials and other properties with specific terms and conditions so that every reader and other random visitors can read the blogs in a disciplined manner where any type of unexpected or sudden unusual obstacle can be found easily and can be removed to make safe this site with its followers and can leave their statement in each blog.

The System Management and Authorization Properties by Thetechlearner:  

  1. Thetechlearner is a WordPress Domain Site. So its total internal site Security is mainly conducted by WordPress which has protective information security system for its customer welfare. WordPress is one of the best and more effective blog development social site and today the highest ranked popular site too. So, WordPress site is always secure by its approved authentication.
  2. The theme used by Thetechlearner is developed by WordPress Authority and its blog features are developed by Jetpack Authority. A basic Free WordPress site with basic activities and features included in here. This Theme and its blog loading and customization, everything is managed by WordPress through Jetpack Widgets.
  3. Thetechlearner is always loyal to its readers base. Our respected followers who have subscribed to our site and those who want to subscribe to our site and even other random visitors can freely subscribe it with their respective email-ids. We are careful about your personal engagement in this site and your mail-id will never be for spam use. We have already a large reader base and are taking their every statement for our every article and other properties.
  4. We take care of your personal given information such as your location, your email-id, your site link, your other identities, your IP address and so on. All these information are safe and secure in terms of WordPress Authority and never be handed over to spam sites/spammers/ other spam cases or for any illegal/paralegal activities as any kind of such activities are forbidden here.
  5. Our policies are being updated regularly. The information given by our followers are totally safe and secure. There is no any spam case involved here. We are enough responses to care about that fact.
  6. We are giving assurance to our every Visitors and Follower to subscribe freely and safely here and leave your feedback, you will be replied surely for your every comment.

  7. Our every blog has its copyrights which are reserved and registered. So don’t copy any blog or don’t copy our format to any other site. Otherwise, the copied site can be banned forever as per Google and WordPress security system.
  8. Leave your comments freely here. Even Subscribe our RSS feed safely.

These are All our Privacy & Policies.

The Terms & Conditions conducted by Thetechlearner:

As per our systematical rules, we have our certain terms and conditions, which is maintained strictly by Thetechlearner, those are:

  1. The Readers who want to subscribe to our site, please give your valid email-ids, so that whenever our new post will be published, you can be notified each time. It makes easy to interact with you and our every new blog post notification will be sent to you immediately on time.
  2. If you want you can give your site link along with email-ids while commenting or while subscribing to our site. Your mentioned site will get a promotion when other commenters will see your comment.
  3. If you want you can get feedback to your site by mentioning your site while commenting.
  4. Give your valid comments, i.e. leave your comments with correct spelling and write a meaningful comment. We are saying these because we have faced recently some comments which have not any proper meaning but just have been mentioned some site links for free promotion. Those type of unusual meaningless comment will not be approved and well must be deleted by our Commenting Security.
  5. This site is not for any unconditional site link promotion platform. So we are requesting to those who are just visiting our sites to promote site link organically or want to give your free site advertisement here in the comment box, to not do that, because such are unusual commenting ads are inappropriate.
  6. Only legally approved and related ads via commenting can be allowed to visit. Unrelated comments which are intentionally written in the comment box will be not approved and will be deleted. Only blog-niche related comments will be allowed here. Others will be considered as Spam.
  7. This is totally a WordPress Educational blog site. So it’s our request to every reader and other visitors- Please don’t try to do any illegal activities or don’t try to use our information for any kind of paralegal activities. Otherwise, Thetechlearner will take steps in favor to keep its information safe and also to keep safe our follower’s data.

  8. You can share if you have any confusions about our blogs after reading it. You can share whatever related to our published blogs and even you can suggest your ideas which you may think can develop our content. Those types of comments are always Welcome.

  9. We respect our visitors and their suggestive thoughts or advice for our blog. We are interested to know about your respected ideas. Thetechlearner is globally a Social Community to learn about Technology and Blog-Science with large Reader Base. A Learning Social Media where to join the Global Network and to communicate with each another through commenting or discussing.
  10. If any blogger wants, can give replies to other bloggers who have questioned on something about a specific blog-niche. All the Followers and even all the other readers have their opportunities to join the conversation and can discuss with other commenters in the same blog. This is our Communicational Network through Blog Commenting. All Readers are allowed to join others conversations and to answer their queries. But Every Queries and Answer must be related to the blog niche and should be meaningful, i.e. like we have mentioned already, spam type comments are not allowed here.
  11. Bots are not allowed in the comment section. We publish our articles for Human Rights, for Human Welfare, for learning, for knowing, for making a Social Network Community where everyone can learn from each another respectively. So as the blogs are written by Human, Comments are expected to come from Human only!!. Any types bot’s comment will strictly be prohibited.
  12. Just like we respect our Visitors/Followers/ Readers, we desire it too that our every followers or reader will give respect to other reader or follower. That means, we want to make a healthy relationship with our Readers and Followers along with a healthy respectful relationship between readers to readers. It is expected that one reader will give to the other one reader. While Commenting or while giving replies to other commenter’s queries, we are requesting you to do that respectfully. You can Debate, or you can say your thoughts positively but please don’t criticize others through your comments.
  13. Relationship Building is n essential part of this Thetechlearner. So Don’t judge anybody by their comments, or don’t criticize anybody here with your words. Comment whatever you want relevant to our niche but do it positively. Make a Good Conversation from where other new visitors and readers can learn a lot and get inspiration from you with your positive words.
  14. Your Email-id will not be handed over to spammers, there is no any spam activities or there is nothing of any spam connection or links to affect our Security. Our reader base is already secured and they are surfing this site and reading safely our articles.  They are email-id s are fully protected by WordPress and by Thetechlearner and is notified every time about our new post or about any other important fact to inform.
  15. We are enough careful about our blogs and its securities. Don’t Copy our Blogs or our titles, otherwise, Thetechlearner will take its step to remove all the copied item from everywhere on the Internet. Yes, every reader or other bloggers can get idea and tips and even they carry our topics for their blog but it is not allowed to copy every detail with the same word used in our blog. In simple words, ideas, information, topic, tips can be taken to your blog but absolute copying of blog is strictly prohibited and we will report the copied blog or site as Spam/Spammer. Thetechlearner has every blog’s Copyrights © which is Reserved and  Registered ® by Thetechlearner™. The Authority will apply its Strict Policies to Destroy all its copied contents from the Internet on other Site/Links and also from other Search Engines. We have faced this kind of problems and have already taken our steps to many sites positively. We have checked out the every copied item, taken from our content and have been reported as spam and therefore it has been deleted from Search Engine Database. (Our Copyright is reserved and registered- Permitted to apply its rule strictly to keep safe our content from spammers). Copied Content with its site owner will be counted as Spammers. But depending on Situation, if want to copy images or some ideal language or term from our articles, then you have to add credential of that copied item along with backlinks. So, It is requested to you learn from this site and can apply whatever you have learned from this site to your site/article/blog/content(whatever) but please don’t copy the whole content to your site. Copying is illegal activities to our Privacy.
  16. Don’t use our site blogs or page links for spam use. It is an Educational Reliable Site to our every visitors and follower. So, we are also concerned about taking care of its links’ securities. Don’t try to use or apply our blog links for any kind of Illegal site or Paralegal site. Every Spam sites will be prohibited to use our links illegally against our Registered Copyrights. Illegal or Paralegal activities are forbidden. Our every journal are about for educational purposes, they are not related to unsafe or illegal/paralegal engagements.
  17. Backlinks are allowed to this and even we are also taking this path on Backlinking. We provide our readers with such permission to use backlinks to our blog. But Backlinks for spam or illegal issues are not allowed. Backlink by spammers will be rejected. Backlinks are only allowed for approved sites where content has its legal value on the Internet. We support backlinking so it will be our pleasure if we received backlinks from our readers with a respective credential.
  18. Share your problems, your doubt with us in the comment box. Also if you want, you can add your credential in our comment box. There is no WordLimit to write in the comment boxes. Write Positively. Please don’t comment by using some kind of words which can make violence. Political preferences are not allowed fully. An Educational site refers only to learning factors, educational queries and so on. Keep Commenting on our blog related terms.
  19. Join Thetechlearner with Safe Data. It is Reliable to our regular visitors and a secured Educational Blog. So we are welcoming every type of followers to join here and have the fun of learning. If you want to hide your name actual name, you can give another identity to be approved as a loyal follower here. But don’t give spam like identities which do not have any meaning. This is Big NetWork to join and to learn every time something with positive thoughts.
  20. Learn freely here. It is really easy to access our site. You can browse this Independently and whatever you want to share personally, you can privately message us in our Share your thoughts with us page.

How to Follow Thetechlarner? 

This is not a big deal yet!!. Just go through the site below and you will see our following option where you have to just put your email-id and then press the “Follow” Button. WordPress Authority will send you a confirmation link to your given email-id and you have to just confirm your subscription to this site by clicking on the link. The link is just for confirmation purpose and is valid for a long time & even you can confirm the link by clicking on it.


So, these were all our terms & conditions along with our Privacy rules. If need any kind of help to understand our blog, comment on the blog or you can share privately with your message as per the last point has been mentioned. We make Secure our Contents and our Followers with their necessary information which are private database under this site and can’t be accessible with anyone except its owner. Its User Access is safe to process and easy to follow. WordPress has all the responsibilities to keep your information and subscription safe. Our Copyright and Privacy is Policy is updated always. Join us and Learn more.

Thank you, Authority

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