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♦ An Introduction
Thetechlearner is an Educational Technology Blog site by Rajdeep Das

Thetechlearner.com is an Internet-based Technology & Blog-Science related Educational site. All the blogs are published on the topics about upgraded and advanced Technologies like Web-technology, Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes, DarkNet, Cryptocurrency, Software Developing for Apps & tools, Blogging tips, SEO for Blog Management, Internet Learning & so on. 

This is an Educational Learning site on Internet today to join the vast Global Network of the Enthusiast Tech-Learner Community in all over the world. This is an online social communicative blogging site to share your thoughts besides learning. A specialized blog to grow the knowledge of Digital Science today. 

Thetechlearner- An Educational Blog to learn about Technology & Blogging

This is the vast global networking Daily Digestive TechNews  & Internet Educational blog site. A WordPress Domain Site where the Mass-blogging community has been built to explore the knowledge to learn something new and to let others learn from them. Besides these, you will find all types of Latest Technology News, articles on many interesting facts. We hope that you will find topics according to your favor & you will like to read. All kinds of Readers are welcome to this site. This site is made to explore all types of modern technologies, especially on computerized versatile applications, technological interesting facts & news. Especially it has focused on the most trending topics about Digital Marketing, Blogging tips, SEO  & more. The information of our Tech-News Page is collected from other Famous professional Bloggers on the Internet. It is a publicly open to all to share their Tech-thoughts. Also feel free to leave a comment here. It is the gateway to share your thoughts with us & we shall share our thoughts with you respectively. Thetechlearner needs your support to grow more and it is trying to get more information on those topics which you will like to read. More to go…!!


TheTechLearner (2)
Contents of Thetechlearner

See the Image above that reveals every topic of Thetechlearner

The purpose of Thetechlearner:

Thetechlearner is an Educational site on Blogging Interface. So its purpose is to make a large learning community on the today’s Internet Activity which is based on Blogging, Blog Marketing, Content Making for SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Updates & News and more tips for Digital Marketing along with Modern Technology on Hacking, Cyber Crime, AI, Dark Web and so on. A Learning Platform for all the aspirant Internet Entrepreneurs or for all types of Entrepreneurial bloggers who are willing to start their journey as a blogger or as a Tech-Enthusiast. Our Technology blogs or the SEO/ Digital Marketing  Blogs are not only for learning about, but it has also the enlarging space to make others be motivated to start their own journey as a blogger on Digital Marketer too.  “Always be Motivated on your work & give your bests to do the Innovative one to become the Unique one” is our second Motivational blog theme for our Learners after the first approach i.e. “Let’s Learn more to Grow more”. So “Learning” and “Motivating” will make our Dream true to build the Strong & Large Internet Entrepreneurship Community along with all the Young Enthusiasts to set up the great Influential Internet Activity in the Field io Digital Marketing today.

Entrepreneurship is now the most common and most popular word for the Young Enthusiasts who want to start-up their own company and that may be a Digital Source Primarily which is called Freelancing in simple term. Here, by Thetechlearner, we are trying to notify those enthusiasts about the Internet and the Digital World to let them get inspired to start their Digital Journey like us. Everybody is Welcome here who are either want to start their Internet Entrepreneurship by Digital Medium or just to have fun by leaning a lot of new things about Technology and Social Media. Our site is working for those purposes where one can learn a lot of new things on Educational Science & Technology and also other can learn about the Blog Science, Case Studies on Content Management or Digital Marketing News, SEO, SMO etc.

Also, Learners can find out several types of topics about SEO or SMO related to our blogs about “Blogging” through our Case Studies along with the Latest Blogging News and tips for Digital Marketing. our SEO Blogs and related case studies are written after having a long study of “Blogging”. Our those Blogging related articles have already received good responses from our many readers. SEO Blogs are very active in our site because most of the Starter blogger has got helps from our articles and they praised it. You can read and see our reviews in the Comment Boxes. We are proud to be the part of the Digital World through the Blogging Platform that enables every learning bloggers to know the hidden facts about the Blog Science in full science. The SEO theories and related to it are totally written like a Science theory. The Science behind Blog Content Making, the Science behind SEO ranking on SERP, SMO, PPC, Blog Management, Link Building, Writing Format Improving and more.

Image result for blogging quotes

On the other hand, our Technology related blogs are about to inform our every reader to learn the basic facts about Technological Science and about the devices which we use in our regular life but not even concern or may even don’t know the Hidden Tactics about this. Also, there are other Technology blogs published here, that cover every Tech-references along with other Digital Tech Science. Moreover, Tech-News page will provide every current technology news about the AI, Mechanical Science, Social Media and many more. This page considers the tech topics, collected from different popular tech sites that enable the General Knowledge and News about the latest updates on Tech-Science. Our another page Tech-Blogs considers the detailed links of our Tech-Blogs.

Image result for technology quotes

Our Motivation:

Our big motivation is our Loyal Readers and other Regular Visitors who have bookmarked our site and reading with all their enthusiasm. Another motivation is that→ There is more other several blogosphere from where we have been nominated and praised by the popular professional Bloggers on WordPress. Our blog is not expressed as an Informative writing but also we are trying to keep our readers motivating through our words. And that’s the best thing our readers are liking even most. Many of famous writers have visited this site and that a great motivation for us when they have either suggested for better performance or have impressed by our presentation and have mentioned it through their commenting. Every opinion from our readers are important for our site as this site and its development is totally depended on our readers choice. What our readers want to read is our main thinking to carry on for our next article. And this is running for the long time since Thetechlearner has been created by Rajdeep Das. So the Question is What is Motivation? The Answer in simple term is→Our motivation is getting the cheering and huge responses from our readers and let them get inspired with our thoughts. We want to make our readers inspired to establish their identity through some innovative work by their respective creative minds. Creative Ideas from a Master Mind- That is the Creative Mind→ Even not a big deal!!. Believe in yourself first then make the unique one with your creative ideas and new thoughts- This new thought will come from a new learning- The Inspiring Knowledge to motivate yourself and here we came to you represent that ideal knowledge to recreate your creativity!!.

Thetechlearner is considered to be one of the greatest platform of Learning which can motivate itself through our reader’s thoughts and on the other hand, at the same time it can motivate our readers through its large base of Knowledge. Learn more, Think More, Do the best- That’s the main motto of our Educational Theme, dedicated to our readers.

All we can say to our readers that it is your site to learn, visit and learn daily whenever you want. We are here to share our best case studies and knowledge with you. We are grateful to our every reader for their presence here.

So, Learn more now and also get motivated by your learning. Keep Following us to have the experiences of the Interesting World of Digital Medium. Join Thetechlearner…

Join Thetechlearner to learn more about Technology & the Digital World on Internet Today. Author- Rajdeep Das, Blogger at WordPress

Thetechlearner Site Pages :

Thetechlearner consists of different topics on blogging and technology, included in different site pages. All the Site pages are updated with new information. Go through our pages and discover more preferences.

Here is the List:

  1. Home Page: Home Page consists of all the recent blogs, posted by Thetechlearner
  2. About-   1. About Thetechlearer  2. Founder of Thetechlearner
  3. Start a Blog- Consists of all the Blogging Tips about SEO, Site Traffic, SMO, Social Media Blog Management, Content Making etc
  4. Technology Blog: Consists of All the Technology related blogs, published on Thetechlearner’wall.
  5. Thetechlearner TechNews Room: The Current & most recent Technology News, selected from the Popular Blog & Tech Sites of all over the World
  6. Hacking & Security: Consists of All the Hacking & Cyber Security Blogs of Thetechlearner
  7. Programming blogs: Consists of All Programming Related Blogs by Thetechlearner
  8. Sharing your Thoughts: Visitors can share their thoughts and ideas with us personally.
  9. The Author’s Personal Blog: This is personal Blog of Founder & Author- Rajdeep Das. 

So, these all are the site pages of Thetechlearner respectively. Every site page consists of different types of blogs and News to whatever our visitor will desire to learn about. Thetechlearner cares its visitor’s choices. So, it published it’s all contents are published in accordance with the followers choice to learn. Thetechlearner is now a vast global Community for blog-readers and learner.

To know about its blogging Speciality visit here

We are concerned about your thoughts:

Thetechlearner is created and developed for our readers. So we are taking care of our Readers base as well as they have a free potential to let us know about what they are thinking on our blogs. We definitely want that our visitors may leave their opinions in the comment boxes for each blog. Whatever they want to ask from us related to the published blog, can ask frequently. It will be our pleasure if we can satisfy our reader’s curiosities through the direct answering of their question. Also, if they want to tell something more or want to give us some suggestions/tips to improve our blogs they can mention. Visitors are also allowed if they want to inform some more ideas or information related to our blogs. This is a simple fact that we are concerned about our reader’s thoughts. We also want to know their opinions that can help us to grow more for the coming next generation. On the other hand, every blog on Thetechlearner has been written in a very simple language with simple words and so that every kind of readers will comfortable while reading our blogs with much interest. There is no complexity in our describing words. Readers will surely enjoy reading our blogs. Also if you want to privately share your thoughts or messages you can choose our Share your thoughts with us Page to write something privately. If you have any complaints you can also write there freely.

Updated: Recently we have faced some spam comments which are totally non-related to our blog niche and is affecting the terms & policies of our blog. So we have announced recently our new updated privacy & policies where it is mentioned that any kind of non-related spam comments will be strictly prohibited. Comments should be related to the blog niche. Exceptional non-related comment is not allowed. Because it is our duty to keep our educational blog worthy to our visitors with the right valuable contents where Good thinking-comments, informational-comments or asking-comments are allowed, other advertisement related comments or violence making comments are not allowed.

Thetechlearner founded by Rajdeep Das- The Large Educational Platform of this era

Thetechlearner.com is created by WordPress Passionate Blogger Rajdeep Das to publish the most effective & recent interesting facts on Social Technology for tech-lovers in the blog form & also to let other people know the  Education Technology more briefly. Everything in this world is based on & are going with these technologies. It will provide our visitors with all types of interesting facts, included with Technology News & about on those topics which are related on everything about what is happening with Technology, in every corner of the world and at each time, which either consists of Any type of New Invention or maybe about trending news from any famous branded tech-company, getting viral on Social Media sites. Thetechlearner-TechNews-Rooms will provide you such types of Every information which are collected & filtered from several popular bloggers site & from social media sites. All you can get now in one place to read. In that case, it has to be mentioned also that Thetechlearner is not only for Technology Learning but also for those enthusiastic people who want to enter into the world of Passionate blogging. Here you can also get tips to write blogs & about on SEO & to boost up your Site Traffic. We are also getting inspirations from other successful tech blog sites & from other famous public figures but beside these, we are also taking care & thinking about our visitors & followers to make them also inspire to be the one to do something new in their uniques ways with passion like us, we will  give several ideas for your blogging platform.

Learning is fun and making able others learn something newer is much more fun. An expressive way to shout out your thoughts with your own knowledge is –  just follow us & be supportive of us, we shall take care of your thoughts with respects. We are here to make a good communication with you as we believe that a good communication will boost up both of our blogs & your thoughts with more influential ideas & also with more unique developed skills & pieces of knowledge which will help us to grow up in our mind. Well, interaction with Excellent thoughts always makes good impressions to go more. So please give your suggestions to make it higher that will enable our followers the best blogs further. Share your bits of knowledge with us. It is a free learning site, we also desire to learn from you & even you are welcome to say what you are thinking about our blogs. Readers are the one who can give well advises to grow more and so that we are waiting for you to join Thetechlearner group and spread out your knowledge here. It may be the best way to grow with our followers which we are pursuing to generate all over the world. Thetechlearner is a new creation to make a huge Techlearner society to spread out the knowledge of Technology, Blogging, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and so on. So don’t be too late. Hurry up & join us now!!

Let’s Know more & Grow more. Join us & feel the fun of learning with Thetechlearner…

Thetechlearner is a Secure site where no illegal activities or paralegal activities can found. This is only for learning and for getting your tips for Blogging Entrepreneurship. More than that, Thetechlearner is not responsible for any kind unusual or illegal activities. Read the Notice Below:

♦Note: This is an Educational Blog Site. Some particular topics like DarkNet, DarkWeb & DeepWeb surfing with onion network, Cryptocurrency, DarkWeb  & Data-mining, Hacking, Android development & WiFi Password Cracker Software Descriptions, Cyber Crimes & specially DarkNet Black Marketing policies, Illegal Social Cyber attacks are published & explained here deeply as blogs to read only for the Educational purposes to know about the Darkest side of Tech-World & to spread out the Awareness among people by let them know more on it. But don’t take it for any type of illegal issues, otherwise this site will not responsible for any kinds of paralegal activities, done by yourself. This site is not for any illegal intentions & will not be involved for such circumstances. Our Purpose is to read & to write & to communicate with good inspirational thoughts and which is our legal limit. We are not worthy for any kind of criminal interface.


On May 2018, Thetechlearner has been nominated for ” THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD 2018″ by the WordPress Professional Blogging members like me. A Large number of bloggers on WordPress have been nominated where Thetechlearner has also ranked at the first rank position. The Mystery Blogger Award is an online nominating award declaration for those blogging sites which are published not only as an information site or any blogging site but also as a motivational site. A Proud Moment for Thetechlearner because it is our very FIRST AWARD conducted by WordPress Blogging Community. We hope that Thetechlearner will able to be nominated further for more awards like this.  Thetechlearner is expecting from its visitors to always be with it and to support it to enlarge it among more people to learn. Even we are already nominated for more awards via WordPress. Everything is happend just because of our readers love for Thetechlearner. We are proud to have our loyal readers and we are grateful to our visitors.

The Mystery Blogger Award of 2018- Nominated by WordPress Blogging Community

Thetechlearner is now also Online WordPress Award Winning Blog and we are trying to give our bests more that makes the expectation to achieve more awards like this which will also influence our readers to join our Blog.

Motivate yourself with Thetechlearner

TheTechLearner (1)
Motivational Thoughts by Thetechlearner- Rajdeep Das
♦ About the Founder & Author: Rajdeep Das

Hey Tech learners,

Rajdeep Das- Blogger & Founder of Thetechlearner
Founder & Blogger of Thetechlearner-Rajdeep Das

I am Rajdeep Das, the mind behind Thetechlearner. It is a WordPress Educational site for Blogging about Science & Technology and blogging Entrepreneurship. I am pursuing my Graduation on Computer Application and now at the age of 20 (As per in 2018, the time of the creation of this blog), belonging from West Bengal in India, a proud Bengali boy and now mostly called as Blogger-Boy by the Social Media Blogosphere. Blogging my hobby as well as my passion to express my thoughts & to share my knowledge with the enthusiast people. I was not so much familiar with this blogging media at first while started my first time blogging by creating my own site at WordPress.com but later I have created this Technological Blog site in February 2018 after just having only of 1 month blogging experience. This has happened all of a sudden when a curiosity arose in my mind to start researching on the Blogging with Technology with just a creative idea in purpose to build something innovative with blogging interface and since then it is still running now with a lot of interested people that makes our Thetechlearner Community large to larger. In real life, I am just a simple guy with my simple thoughts who have a passion for blogging now and having much interested to learn something new On Technology & Blogging. I am also a learner and still learning through it by having a lot of fun of learning which I have felt mostly after starting this Blogging Journey with my large number of friend-followers. Blogging is now the greatest platform for me to express my every creative idea that has given the chances to interact with a lot of wise people on this Blogging Media. I have experienced lots of new things through blogging and the one thing I would love to share that this blogging or writing makes me more enthusiast to learn a lot of thing on Technology or blogging today. As usual, it makes me happy when my blogs are liked by my readers and while they praised it, I get more influence to write more. This is the motivation and this reason for energy or enthusiasm to continue my blogs like this successfully. Just want my reader’s support to make it one of the Largest Internet-Based Educational Blog. Just like I write for my readers to let them learn a lot, similar to that, I also want to learn more from my readers too. That’s the best bonding between a writer and his author. In fact, there are a lot of professional authors/bloggers have visited this site and have also praised it a lot. Their commitments are a big motivation for me to carry on Thetechlearner. I am grateful to my every reader along with all those commenter bloggers who have visited and have liked my blogs. While I am still a junior blogger, I am learning a lot of things from both mr readers and my other ideals. I have just given a physical form or you can say a I have given a form of digital platform of my creative ideas, passion and of my motivations, which I gained from the inspirarion of so much other great bloggers.

So, I am inviting everyone to join us & make it grow more with your enthusiasm that makes me so much inspired to write more & more blogs here. You can know more on my siteJoin me on Twitter and Connect with me on LinkedIn

TheTechLearner (3)
Speaker of Thetechlearner- Rajdeep Das (Founder & CEO)      [Made by Canva Poster(2018)]

♥ Thetechlearner with my own thoughts: My Dreams with Thetechlearner…..

Thetechlearner is the body and I am its soul behind to explain my thoughts & to let people know more on interesting facts that are happening all over the world & even in our daily life too. Also, my motive is to motivate other people to express their thoughts like me, share it with me  & with the world audience. I don’t know how far I can go with it but I believe in myself to carry it with the full passion of my best thoughts. According to my thoughts, Thetechlearner is the positive way to feel the free space of thinking about anything else which you want to learn & to make yourself enough wise to be a next-generation blogger to express your opinions. You can Communicate with us on our Social Media Pages & sites as well as here on our site by commenting here about whatever you want to inform us.

So, Be like a Boss with your own thoughts which will lead you to the higher level of thinking along with your skillful learning to gain more new knowledge to achieve your goals. Because Learning helps to gain more knowledge to develop our creative minds at a high level to do some innovative works with confidence. That’s the main approach to make your dreams come true. Sounds complicated??!! Yes, the sentence is too large! but relax, you will later understand these every word through the ethics of learning here. Words are nothing, they are either to teach you for something better or to let you understand the internal meaning of some basic or philosophical life-truth!! Whatever it is but don’t get confused with this stuff!! The actual fact is that Learning is fun and so now, Let’s learn something new more & let’s build a community to do something different with more inspirational thoughts. Share your opinions/thoughts with me and that will inspire me to give a best one to this online blog foundation and I am your blogger friend here to delving into your mind. I am especially interested in the Creative Ideas which I am expecting from my other Blogger Friends. So joining Thetechlearner will give you the experiences to learn the better things frequently. Having an intellectual well interaction with visitors is always best for us. Thetechlearner is an online medium to go freely with your ideas to make your own world where you are the boss to rule. Make your own potential now. I am here for you Learners. So, I am inviting you all to join my blog. You are welcome here to my World of Thetechlearner & & make yourself proud to be a TechLearner. Thetechlearner is also here for your service.  

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Image Taken From Google

Join this Thetechlearner and join our other readers here.  

♦ Some More Details about Thetechlearner: About its Creation and Maintenance via WordPress & about the Potential of its Blog Presentation- Some Professional Details: 

Thetechlearner is till now not a professional money-making/Digital marketing influential blog site because it has just started its journey and has to gain more support from our visitors to take participation in Online Business, like me it is also gathering more knowledge with its enthusiast followers that will help it in future to launched as professional for blog marketing fields. Till then I am not launching it for professional field, but just want to achieve a targeted responses from our visitors (Like, Share, Subscribing, Commenting, involving into it – all are included in our targets) then have desire to make  it more professional WordPress.com blog site to spread it all over the world with the help of Blog Marketing strategies online. But I have to mention one thing here that, though it is not promoted now or for details to say, there is no any formal marketing investments for this site to earn money right now but still it has well remarkable performances on several social media sites & even it has received several times very good responses from the interested visitors, following it for a new hope to learn & that makes me crazy to take it more to more. Though it is Advertisement-less/Non-invested for marketing era on Social Media keep going with grateful responses which are achieved from above 1000 followers all over its social media platforms till now as a starter. After having a huge crowd as possible with social communication with our visitors, it will surely be published with new ideas and with a new form to take participate in the online marketing world. Thetechlearner is now an Enthusiastic Growing site with its blog to gain a huge number of followers & that is our first step to go ahead. It is now a homely & friendly blog site for you where you can feel free to surf any kind of blog & can suggest me for doing much better with it. Run your comments friendly & freely and now it is the best option for you to participate in our dream world.

Thetechlearner is a platform to give respect to our every reader. An educational site that respects every culture of education and culture of every countires in the world. 

“Let’s Know more & Grow more”  – Rajdeep Das.

Join us & Follow Thetechlearner to go ahead & to get inspired by blogging. 

Let’s do something inspirational & that is why Thetechlearner is with you & for you only.

Here, I am the “Server” for you & you are the “Deserver” here!!

In my own simple words, I would like to define Thetechlearner’s Followers as “Tech learners”.

So Make it big….Have a great fun to learn with Thetechlearner.

Follow us to know more & to grow more. Give your hands to take some values in your life with us.

My life motto is → “Believe in your self & do the innovative one with your creative mind that will help to let your dreams come true. This is the identity of your Uniqueness from others…This is the Inspiration for others and the Motivation for yourself.”

“Blogging is not only the way to express your knowledge but also the way of learning and to let other inspire with your thoughts, that will help so many creative minds to explore the world with new views ahead…”

“Being motivated and then inspiring others by your motivational thoughts is the great way of interaction between a writer and a reader. “

                                                                                                                   -Quote by  Rajdeep Das

If you like any blog then please follow those blogs via email and if you are a WordPress.com member then support us by following this site. Like & share to let your friends & colleagues know about us. Hurry up. We are waiting for you only. Thetechlearner is always Thankful for our visitors & followers. It’s all contents are only for you. So enlarge it with your kind heart by adding your knowledge here. 

We have already a large number of readers base, and even having billions of Blog Stats per months along with Millions of Social Media Account Visitor Records. Join us and enjoy the free read of our articles. 

You can also  visit author’s main site iamrajdeep.wordpress.com 

And also visit

Thank you,

Founder of Thetechlearner  Rajdeep Das

Author & Founder of Thetechlearner.com: Rajdeep Das

© ® || All Copyrights(2018) are Reserved & Registered || 

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Leave Your Comments below & tell about your thoughts freely.

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