How to get free traffic to your blog from Quora?- A Case Study to learn the basic steps…


Introduction to Quora :

Quora is one of the famous platforms today from where people can get their answers or solutions to their problematic questions. Even, Quora is not only the media where people can get their answers to their asking questions, rather than there are so many other sites are also running on this same stuff but among of all them Quora has made its strong root  as a Questions-Answered based Query solving social media site which is now recommended by almost every Pro-Bloggers as it is now the very effective platform to bring your blogs a lot of traffic along with good SEO for your content and also you can get connected with so many other followers.

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Even Quora nowadays is becoming so famous that everyone on this International Blogosphere knows about Quora with Q&A form. Quora is a platform which empowers people to share and grow their knowledge with a lot of people. Here Questions are asked & Answers are edited, organized, shared by its community of users. Adam D’Angelo is the CEO of Quora. It is a vast growing social media knowledge gathering and sharing platform by its users who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

To install Quora, check out this link of PlayStore 

Or you can open an account directly to Quora

 What is the purpose of Quora 

Purpose of Quora:

As I have said before that Quora is a great platform to enhance the level of your knowledge by questioning about your curiosity on a specific topic and then get answers by any of the users who are following the same topic on which you have questioned & is fully able to give your question’s answer clearly. That means, people can learn from each another respectively. A unique platform where you can give answers to so many questions, write blogs, can share other answers, can learn more. A community where each can ask another about their asking and then can get answers from another person respectively. All Question Answers are based on the topic which should be followed by both the Asking person & Answer giver.

The Purpose of the Quora is to spread out the knowledge from people to people and to communicate with each other to learn and enhance your experience of current updates all over the world. Topic-based Q&A platform is like an online reading base to get answers to your queries.

Moreover, Quora has enabled another strong feature i.e. writing a blog and sharing it with other social media sites along with itself. So, here you can write a blog by giving a specific URL to your blog. On the other, whenever you are going to answer someone’s question, you can also give your blog details with your credentials which help other people to identify you and they can follow you frequently. This is a platform of communication with both of your followers and mentors at the same time. People will follow your blog or will visit your blog link through your answers and will start following you for further queries.

How to use Quora Platform for your blog to get huge traffic for free and to connect with more people which will make your blog high popular on Search Engines for well-ranking SEO.  Learn the all the facts in details→

Techniques to use Quora as a Blog Promoting Platform to bring traffic:

Till now we have just discussed the purposes and the other features of Quora in the Introduction part. All I have already mentioned about Quora was essential to know, especially for the newbie bloggers because now we going to the next level of discussing the benefits of Quora to bring your blog more traffic, so it is important to learn the basic facts and functions of Quora in Details. So let’s now come to the original niche briefly.

There is no doubt that Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ are the greatest platforms of today to promote your blog for more traffic and there are also so many online strategies to earn traffics through these social media sites which every newbie blogger should need to learn in details. Besides these strategies, you should focus and need to be updated regularly on the features of these social media platforms and on other platforms where you can promote your blog organically which will bring you new visits randomly. Here Quora is one of that powerful knowledge and traffic-generating platform for every blogger.

In the Field of Blogging, most of the traffic comes through Link Building Tacticsthose links will help your answer viewers to visit your site and this will surely drive traffic to your blog. Link Building and Social Media sharing- these are both powerful and effective technique to earn traffic to your site. Quora will give you both of these chances to share your blogs from Quora to other social media platforms as well as you can link your answers to your blog site. That’s why Quora is famous as it gives us both pleasure where we connect with more people, can grow our popularity without blogs through this Q&A Platform. Every feature here is very useful as you can sincerely connect with people and find out the necessities of your reader’s choice on which you can gel help to improve your blog niche and can understand what your followers want from you to learn.

In Quora, people can give “upvote” or downvote” to an answer according to their choices. If your reader likes your answer to read they can upvote it. Downvoting is generally seen in rare cases of answers, depending on the topic or on the question. People can also comment and can share your answer as their Quora post or can share in their social media accounts.

Tips for earning traffic in details:

  1. Choose the Topic first: Firstly you have to choose the topics on which you are interested to learn more and also you have already some pieces of knowledge or experiences on that particular topic to share with others.  There is no any limit to choose your topics and not necessary to choose only those topics which you have learned about before, rather you can follow any type of topics on which you are enthusiastic to know interesting something after arising some curiosity in your mind. Even when you will go to open an account on Quora, you will be asked by the authority to select some topics which you will like to read or can enjoy them on your feed. Only the related updates on your chosen topics will appear on your news feed in Q&A form. So be careful first to select your topics and after opening an account you can choose more topics if you want to. Now for a blogger, choosing a topic varies first because to bring traffic, he has to be enough wise or experienced to give the answer to asked queries, relevant to his chosen topic through which he can give his blog-informations, links, and credentials to connect with more people who will generate traffic from Quora to your blog. Make a list of your selected topics which are related to your blog and you want to share your knowledge along with your site link and information respectively. Image result for quora topic
  2. Choose the Right Question to answer: Giving answer to your blog-related stuff is not so tough, rather most of the people from different professions and even now students or anybody else who is neither any professional nor any student are giving answers to the asked queries if they have the right information to serve on a particular topic. Now for a blogger, it’s quite easy to give answers of your chosen topics as you are already habituated to writing many blogs. A Pro-blogger always has the advantages to write like a professional on Quora with his best performances to attract more people with his answers, in competition with others. In my experiences, I feel very comfortable and really enjoy while giving a lot of answers to different types of questions. Writing is the main job for a blogger, and in Quora, it makes easy to write just only an answer to a question, while you may have already written so many articles on that topic!!. So take the full chance of writing. But now the essential point is→ Give answers to those questions only, on which you have enough knowledge and can write frequently with full confidence. Selecting a question varies for a blogger, Why?? because of viral questions with strong answers will give you an extra credit to establish yourself as one the very influential public figure on the Quora Community. So choose those queries, you can answer well and then provide your blog links in your answers which offers the gateway to enter your blog. But the answer you are writing should be on point to point which enables easy to understand for the readers. Find out those questions which are followed by a large number of people who eagerly want to get an answer and the question should be asked very recent, which you can answer perfectly. So, make sure that the question enough value on Quora to know.Image result for quora topic
  3. What are the features you will find in Quora while answering: Quora has the full opportunity of writing. Such as you can add multiple font styles to your writings, can add blocks or quotes, even you will get mathematical symbols along with numbers and bulleting, special braces, Link Building tool, Photo/Image Searching small bar and so on. This Link Building strategies are mostly used in writing when the writer none other than a Pro-Blogger who is about to drive traffic to his blog from the Quora Answer Pad. Even Quora has developed its writing pad with more features that enable every type of services to make your answer like a blog. Quora also gives another option to write an answer, being an anonymous person without revealing his identity. This is offered by Quora because there is also some type of users who want to give an answer to a sensitive question but not want to reveal his identity for his personal issue.
  4. Tips to write an answer in the basic form of writing: There is a rule for every blogger which should be followed to get easy traffic & that is→ You don’t need to give the full to full answer in details, rather, write in such a way where you can prefer every important point with some specific important information with mentioning the point related Links which indicate the path towards your blog. On the other hand, most of the bloggers like to upload images with their answers. Moreover, I would like to suggest you, give at least the necessary information with details, if you all give your links only, the answer will be not reliable to your reader. Write enough if you can, give necessary points with interesting keywords, but in those, mention your relevant keywords, link it to a specifics related blog. Otherwise, you can also give the link separately by mentioning as a suggestive read to get more help. If possible, mention a blog link through the keyword as much as possible but don’t attach same links repeatedly.
  5. Writing Style: The Writing style is very much necessary to attract your readers towards your answers. There are many readers who like to check the first few lines of every answer of a question to check whether the answer is interesting or not, or they just check out the points and analyze what type of answer has been written if they are ideal for their queries. For that reason, start your answers with an interesting style that can attract your visitors like Love at First Sight!!! Since it is heard funny but the fact is true. You have to mention point to point tips of information in your writing which can make an easy to read & easy to understand solution giving description for your readers because of most of them not like to read an article type answers, instead of it, they mostly like to read those types of answers which are the point to point and can find out the important items from your answers. Now it’s your skill about how you will link your answer keywords to your related blogs. Writing answers in Quora are almost like a blog writing but don’t get it same.
  6. Image/Video Uploading: Image uploading makes a blog attractive in its view. As I have mentioned before. Quora enables a small search bar where you can find out any kind of necessary images to attach with your answer or if you want you can also upload your own site images just like you are promoting your site’s logo or other recognizing symbol or photos for free promoting. Adding an image gives an interesting visual effect to your reader’s eye. It makes every answer more professional to read. And for the Vlogger who is actually a Youtuber, they can give the video link to their answer script or even they upload video in their answer scripts and then drive them to your channel or vlogging media where they can subscribe or like your video and can follow you easily. In Quora app, there is a sperate tab for the video showing where people can watch several types of videos, made by news channel or by any vlogger.Image result for quora image uploading
  7. A credential is Important: Giving a credential to your account is important as the asking people can understand easily that what profession or position you are belonging from and they will choose you to ask a question. Credential helps people to identify you and your experiences related to your profession as well as your junior fellow will follow you. Moreover, you can give alternated credential each while giving the answers to each asked query. Your activities will be shown on your profile, activities means, how many questions you have answered on a particular topic along with your credentials, so people will trust your answer and will be more enthusiast to ask you more. The more you can give answers to your blog-niche relevant questions, you will more chance to interact with more people by giving your content link in details.Image result for quora credentials
  8. Share your answers on Social Media sites and on Quora itself: Quora enables the chance to share your answers with your several social media account to let others see your answers. Share your answer in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp or you can share it in Quora itself. Also, you can copy the link of your given Answer along with the Question which you can share in your other additional Social Media timelines. This is a very nice approach that more to more people can read your answers, can get interested in your writings and will follow you. But all you will need to drive your readers to your site respectively. Quora is a platform that will give you sharing options such that but you have to use them properly in favor of your site’s popularity. Quora Blog and Answer sharing alternately will make your traffic more able to reach to your blog site for higher insights.Image result for quora sharing
  9. Write Blog on Quora: You can write blogs on Quora. There is another opportunity to write a completely separate blog on Quora platform by giving a URL to your blog. The link will only for your blog’s URL path which will be offered by Quora.  A complete blog pad you will be given to writing your blog on a specific topic and you can share them on Quora and also on other social media timelines. Even if you want, you can write about your own blog site and about its niche to spread out it more fastly among your loyal followers on Quora which is blog promoting through writing blogs on Quora. You can write any kind of blog here as same as you write on your own blog site. So there is a chance to share your thoughts and about your blog differently on this Quora Blogging Platform.Image result for quora blog
  10. Create your Own Page: You can create your own page which can be considered as a topic-page ( The Topic may be based on your blog niche or can be named as your blog site) on Quora, Conducted by you, for your blog to promote it through your given answers where people can get every type of information about your blog as well as your blog will get an extra online identity through Quora which can be shown on Search Engine if it get the good views on Quora. → Sounds complicated?!! Don’t worry, the matter is not so tough to understand, just create a page either on your blog niche or named it as your blog name to get more popularity on Search Engine Through Quora. Now whenever you are giving answers on Quora, first edit the Question’s Topic-Catagory by including your Page name beside of the other topics name. Actually in quora, “Topic” is more considered than the name “Page”. So include your topic with other topics, so whenever you will give an answer to a question, the question with its answer will be visible on your topic-page too. In this way, your readers can read all your answered questions in one place, where you can provide your blogs every link simultaneously.Image result for quora topic
  11. Keep Communication while needed: Quora has the chatbox feature by which you can interact with your readers or followers and even with your mentors or clients. This messaging feature is as same as the other social media messaging services like Facebook, Twitter etc. Communication makes a blogger more attached to his readers that makes his blog or its other activities more alive to his readers. How much you can interact with people, you can drive them to your blog that will increase the traffic of your site. Give a space (Quora has another feature called session, where everyone can ask you about your blog relevant queries to answer them randomly, like a media conference, you will give answers for a session to your every client, that means giving a chance where anyone can ask you to get their essential information from you) where people can ask you every type of questions related to your niche, and you will answer them like a friendly professional or expert. Randomly give an answer to the best questions which are unique and most wanted on Quora, if your answer is able to attract more to more readers then surely you will rank as one of the expert pro-blogger on Quora which can make you popular with your blog site.Image result for quora messaging
  12. Check your Traffic/Insight: You can check how much people have check out your answers or the number viewers of a monthly record or of a weekly record frequently. Quora will give you every detail of your Quora Profile Traffic Records, called stat that enables the visitors and viewers statistics of your blogs or answer scripts in details. Generally, Quora always shows the number of viewers of your every answer at the left end corner of your answer. Try to achieve the thousands of viewers and more than thousands which will make your identity more reliable to your readers. Analyzing your profile traffic will help you understand your activities and how much you have succeeded to attract your visitors to your answers or blog links. Just check out the graphical representation in bar form which reveals your performances.Image result for quora insights
  13. Editing Answers and republishing: Quora will give you chance always to edit your answers with your updated information and then you can republish it. This is necessary because readers will like the updated answers from you and therefore you can update one of your old answers and then you can republish it, can reshare it as a Quora post, can share it on your Social Media timelines again which will gain more viewers than previous and through this you can again drive more traffic with the same answer, just have to update it.Image result for quora editing
  14. ‘Link’ & ‘Your Content’: These two pages refer all types of blog links and the other one will consist of your followed every topic which you can read or you can share it to your followers. If you want to follow your own answer then you can share it repeatedly or alternately again to generate more traffic and viewers. You can Bookmark other contents on Quora if you want to read or share.Image result for quora content
  15. Viral Question and Perfect Answer: Be updated with the most trending questions on Quora. Choose the best one which you can write well and is followed or asked by many people. Remember, your one answer can make your day a lucky day if you write a perfect answer to the most vital question which can be followed by a large number of people. The number of Upvotes, Views, and sharing will make your answer and ideal post on Quora. People will like to follow your profile more.
  16. Read the ideal post, related to your blog niche: You can also choose your favorite topic to read. In that case, you can take help from quora from your senior bloggers like they may be your ideal person or you want to follow. It’s your choice, but if you follow you can also ask them if any problem arises for your blog, or you can get tips from their articles too. That means, at the same time when you are writing answers or article to promote your blog, you can also read or can get a suggestion from professional seniors because, in Quora, there are many high-profile professionals are found who are also about to promote their work on Quora.

So these were the primary and basic tips that will help you earn traffic from Quora. Even you can drive traffic in various ways here. One of the ideal platform to promote freely your every content.

 Advantages of Quora for Blogging: 

Advantages of Quora For Blogging: 

There are several advantages through Quora that can help to achieve a profitable record of traffic to your blog. They are:

  1. Quora has good SEO Quality: Quora has a good SEO Quality for it’s every Question and Answer both. If a question along with its answer has a large number of views along with many upvotes, sharing, comments etc, then the question and answer both can be ranked on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In details, whenever your answer will get clicked by many visitors to read, the traffic of your answers will be increased and so that it will be indexed by the Search Engine to show it on the result page. You can see that sometimes when you search for something on Google, it even shows a Quora Question Link on the top of the page that related your searching item. So, your answer can be placed on the top which will help you have a rank on SERP. Quora will help you to grow the traffic of your blog through its well SEO Ranking Capabilities but all it needs to have a good view on Quora. Your most popular Answer with right keyword and Link Using will be represented on SERP that can bring you traffic for free.

    Image result for quora questions on Google
    Notice that Quora Link can be Shown on SERP if it has good reviews on Quora by the followers.    Image Taken From Quora
  2. Social Media Sharing: This advantage I have already mentioned that you can share Quora Blog or Quora Answers or your topic page in any social media sites. People can see and even your page can be found on SERP. Quora Topic is capable to represent it on SERP – Another Positive fact to grow your SEO through your Topic which will be shown on Google if it has a good number of viewers. On the other hand, you can even add your one answer link with your another answer with mentioning its details to your readers. That means you can link two answers which can grow your number of views. Answer Sharing means you will get more viewers and upvotes from where you can convince your readers to visit your blog to get full details. The random share of your answers or Quora Blog is much effective to earn more views at a time. To share on other social media timelines, just copy the URL by the given “Copy URL” option and post on other media.screencapture-google-co-in-search-2018-05-12-02_03_19
  3. Good Writing Skill: If you have good writing skill to give answers to several questions then you have an excellent chance to attract more visitors towards your answer. Keep remember, there are a lot of professional bloggers like you who are also about to drive traffic by answering the most relevant questions randomly, so in that case, you have to compete with them here to achieve the best. Do you think it is very tough?!! Don’t worry!! Quora is a large platform filled with unlimited popular questions and answers. Just try one by one to get ranked on Quora. Keep researching on others answers and show the format with the exact writing skill of those answers which have got a remarkable number of views and upvotes. Notice all types of answers, study on them sincerely, then start writing in your own unique style which can attract people to choose your answer as the best one. You have to write your answers in such a way where people can prefer your answer even after reading other answers respectively. On the other hand, random writing automatically makes your answer becoming more skill full. You will every understand practically after joining this Quora.
  4. Link Building Strategies and Friendly Writing Pad: Quora enables good Link Building opportunity in the Answer-writing pad where you can attach any type of Web-Link or URL, even you can attach your social media URL, Blog Link, a Blog site with relevant popular keywords. Even you can attach your blog link in the Profile Page section. Along with your credential, you can give every detail with your blog link in details under Profile Section. In every answer, while you are writing, you can add links randomly whenever needed. In more than 100 answers you can easily get high quality of traffic from your Quora Answers. In case of blog writing on Quora, you can promote your site with its blog link, share it with many. Remember that you have to connect your blog links with your answers which will be helpful for your readers. In Quora, there is an excellent writing pad for blog writing too. Promote your blog here with interesting Excerpt and link it to your original blog.
  5. Digital Marketing Facilities: Though this is an optional case/advantage for this blog, still I would like to say about the Digital Marketing facilities of Quora. You can give advertisements and even can give several kinds of invested ads on your blog or your site or product whatever you have. These are done through PPC (Pay Per Click) process where you need to have a good budget to invest which will be published on Quora timeline as an advertisement for your blog. Actually, this makes easy to gain traffic to your blog. Most of the professional choose this way on Quora to earn High traffic. But this is not an organic way to earn traffic actually. So In Quora, you can start your Digital Marketing which is known as Quora Marketing by giving advertisement for your blog. But that needs investment, here we have discussed the organic techniques only, not about PPC or other payment-related investment. Also, you can earn money by giving ads, conducted by other online services or companies. So with this process, you can do Online Marketing through Quora. Earning and investing is the part for growing your popularity along with the traffic of your blog faster.

So, these were some common advantages, available in Quora. Take the full advantage with confidence while writing Quora answer.



So at the end of this blog, I would like to say that keep Focus on the Asked or Requested Questions and then start writing the step to step & point to point answers to the question where you should connect your blogs through links respectively which will be visited by the readers. On the other hand, be updated always and choose most trending topics to answer. Study hard and see the techniques of Quora Answer Writing. You will be experienced more on Quora when you will be engaged in this stuff. Even Quora is being developed day by day and becoming a version of an outstanding form where you will find more options and features to establish yourself on Quora with your credentials.

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